Pro Tip: Wait to Paint Until AFTER a Move

November 24, 2014

What is the first thing most of us do once we’ve bought a home or signed a lease? We start contemplating paint colors. After all, there are so many walls to consider and the furniture’s not even in yet so the timing seems perfect!

But trust us when we say wait. Before you start browsing for paint chips at the paint store, stop and shift your focus to more important things like getting your surprisingly big piano through the surprisingly narrow family room door. Here’s why:

Toronto designer Judith Taylor had plenty to say in her Houzz piece about making any room better but her number one tip was waiting until last to pick the color of the wall paint. She understands the appeal of moving into a freshly painted house or apartment but says that generally it’s not ideal from a design point of view. That’s because there are literally thousands of colors of paint – and each of those can come in various shades and tints.

The color you love in your current home may not be right for the analogous space in your new home thanks to differences in shape, size, and lighting.

Plus, she adds, chances are you’re going to be buying some new furniture and accessories or using your old stuff in new and exciting ways. Ideally, you “want the color that best complements your upholstery, artwork, rug, and whatever else. You can pick that color only if your stuff is actually inside your home.”

Is it convenient? Not necessarily since painting in situ means having to move and drape everything you own. But waiting until you’re moved in before even beginning to explore the vast variety of paint colors available may mean you end up with a more cohesive, more beautiful space.

Quick tips:

Spend a few weeks getting a feel for how light looks and changes throughout the day in each room you plan to paint.

Look for paint colors and shades that complement your upholstery, artwork, and rugs in their new placements. Consider whether you plan to move any furniture or accessories.

When you’re ready to paint, take the time to move, cover, and otherwise prep each room from top to bottom.

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