Prep for Spring Home Sales 

December 8, 2022

Thinking about spring home sales already? But wait, it’s only December! 

Guess what! Now is the time to start prepping your home if you plan to put it on the market next spring – which is only a few short months away. 

As professional painters, we know the value and transformative powers that paint can have on a home’s interior or exterior. Let’s explore the ways that homeowners can get ready for an active spring real estate market and home sales in order to sell fast and at a great price. 

painter on a ladder

Clean and Declutter 

Winter is a great time to clean out those closets and declutter your house. With the colder temperatures and fewer chances to be outdoors, this season is a perfect opportunity to donate, recycle, or throw out any items in your home that you are not using. 

Less clutter and knick-knacks can help depersonalize your home and make spaces (including closets) seem more spacious. When potential home buyers can envision themselves inside your home and understand the amount of space available, they are more likely to consider your home. 

Paint, Paint, Paint 

We know we are biased, but painting rooms in your home over the winter is a great way to not only clean a room from top to bottom but give it a fresh new look that many home buyers are seeking. This process is especially important if your surfaces are looking worn or the color is dated. 

Talk to our team about painting your interior rooms over the winter and schedule an exterior painting before you put your home on the market in the spring. 

Repair & Update 

As potential home buyers tour your home they will be making mental lists of things they would like to change, update, and repair. Realtors suggest making that mental list shorter by repairing and updating as many items as you can in your home before it is listed on MLS. 

These repairs should include fixing any plumbing or electrical issues that you are aware of as well as cosmetic repairs such as ripped screens, holes in walls, or replacing aging and/or mismatching appliances. 

commercial property painted by Jerry Enos

Boost Curb Appeal 

Home buyers have been known to quickly judge a home based on how it looks “from the curb” and its exterior rather than after a home tour. 

Boost your home’s curb appeal by painting the front door, replacing your house numbers with something new and modern, power washing the exterior if you don’t have time to paint, and washing those windows! 

Talk to our team at Jerry Enos Painting about refreshing your home both inside and out before you place it on the market. 


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