Painting Using Autumn Inspiration 

November 4, 2020

Autumn in New England is simply spectacular. The leaves never disappoint with a show of so many colors. Some vibrant reds, soft yellows, and deep oranges grace our trees in a foliage show unlike any other. These colors can be a great place to gain inspiration for painting your home’s interior. Let’s explore how. 

The rich hues of Fall are an excellent place to start when considering paint colors for your home’s interior spaces. If you love the warm colors and would like to keep that feeling of Fall all year ‘round, you may want to use these color palette ideas as a starting point. red leaves

Deep Reds 

When I think about Fall, I often envision apple trees and the shiny fruit as it is picked off a tree. The smells of the orchard and that first bite is a memory I will not soon forget. Why not bring that sensation from Autumn right into your home? 

Red is a color that often evokes strong emotion. It is a passionate color that stands for attention and action. If you don’t want to paint an entire room the hue, an accent wall in red is a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space, or a bold choice for a space that sees lots of traffic such as a den or family room. orange leaf with heart shape

Burnt Orange 

Right along with apples and fragrant orchards, comes the visuals of bright-colored pumpkins and crisp orange leaves that crunch beneath our feet during the fall months. 

If pumpkin spice is your favorite in coffee, muffins, and placed on your stoop in the form of a Jack-o-lantern, then painting your interior spaces a deep burnt orange or a lighter shade of the same color may be just your thing. Check out the many hues of orange at Benjamin Moore. sunflowers

Sunflower Yellow 

Rows of corn, sunflowers, and the bright yellow sun is our next inspiration for painting your home’s interior spaces. Yellow is such a wonderful color, in that it is an instant pick-me-up and is sure to bring a smile to your face. The deeper yellows are often associated with the sunflowers and cornfields that are spotted all over New England this time of year. Use this as your inspiration for a warm and cozy room in your home. Kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways are a good choice for this color palette, as it brightens the space and adds warmth to smaller rooms. 

Greens of Nature 

When most of us think about the Autumn months, we think about being outdoors and enjoying nature. Bring that feeling inside your home with a natural pick of one of the many hues that green can create in your spaces. Green is such an obvious pick if you hope to bring the outside into your home in a tangible way. 

No matter what color is your favorite Fall color, Benjamin Moore has a color that can create that same feeling inside your home or business. Talk to our color specialists today about how to create that Fall feeling all year in your home. 


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