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Paint Projects for the Holidays

December 1, 2022

This is the time to “deck the halls” and make your home festive and welcome for the approaching holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are all major holidays where your home will probably be a central gathering spot for friends and family. Wouldn’t you like it to look fresh and new as your guests join you to celebrate the joy of the season? 

Here are a few smaller paint projects that you may want to take on before it’s time to welcome your guests. 

holiday wreathEntryway Paint & Decor 

What’s the first thing your guests will see when they head over for a gathering? Your entryway, of course. 

The spotlight or lighting on the front door with your holiday wreath adorning it may make for a warm welcome, but if the paint is peeling or wearing, you may want to make this area a priority before you kick off the seasonal parties. 

As for decor, choose decorations that not only show off your love of the season but your personality. Don’t forget to care for your newly painted entryway by washing the walls and door occasionally with a warm wet cloth to remove dirt, debris, and salt from winter de-icers. 

A front door or entryway can be cleaned, painted, and decorated in less than two days so this project is most certainly doable before your much-anticipated holiday gathering. 

Bathroom Refresh 

In terms of painting projects, bathrooms tend to be a little easier to manage as there is typically less to clean and remove from a bathroom as compared to a main living area or kitchen. 

Once a bathroom closet and cleaning paraphernalia have been removed, a fresh coat of paint can be applied to make your bathrooms look new for your guests. Don’t forget to consider using mold-resistant paint and high-quality primer to cover any blemishes that bathroom leaks or water marks have created. 

Kitchen Cabinets 

This project is for homeowners who have planned in advance of the holiday season and want their kitchens to be transformed from old and dated to brand new! 

Jerry Enos Painting specializes in kitchen cabinet painting and loves how our work can completely transform a kitchen in a matter of days. 

Consider this project if you have been looking for a reason to make your kitchen into the room of your dreams and want to show it off to family and friends throughout the holiday season. 

Living Rooms

The room where most families gather after dinner or place their Christmas tree is another option for pre-holiday painting projects to consider. 

Living rooms, family rooms, or dens are great options as a fresh coat of paint has the ability to lighten a room that may be looking a little dark. Add some visual interest by painting one wall an accent color or make your fireplace a focal point with a contrasting color. 

Whatever project you would like to accomplish before your guests arrive this holiday season, talk to our team about how our painters can make your home warm and welcoming. 


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