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Paint for Personality

December 8, 2017

Some homes naturally have a personality of their own, whether it is due to eye-catching architectural features or special details that are often present in older, historical homes. Some homes even have a special way of presenting themselves merely due to the natural landscaping in the environment around the home. So what if your home doesn’t seem to have that natural personality? How can you create a personality that you desire within your home? At Jerry Enos Painting, we believe you can “Paint for Personality” by tailoring your home’s color palette to suit your distinctive personality. Here are a few suggestions.


  • Consider the Intent of a Room – Are you contemplating painting a den that you want to be cozy, warm, and inviting? Or perhaps you are painting a bathroom that you want to be serene and calming? Or even still, a formal dining room that you want to look traditional and sophisticated? Consider the personality you want the room to have before you even look at a color swatch.
  • Consider YOUR Personality – Are you adventurous, quiet, conservative, modern, traditional, outdoorsy, or relaxed? Think first about what parts of your personality you want to portray in your home? When a visitor enters your home, do s/he say, “This house is so you!”  Or does it feel like a decorator came in and took over during the painting process. Be sure the colors you pick reflect a little bit of yourself.
  • Consider Doing the Unexpected – Using what you have decided on, what the intent of the room is, and how you want to portray your personality, think about how you want to tailor your painting to show these off. For example, how can you incorporate intent and personality into your color choices? You could do this through a bold accent wall, patterns or stripes, textures or sheen.
  • Consider a Professional – Many homeowners get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing paint colors. Jerry Enos Painting has a color specialist who can help you make those decisions, taking into account your personality, intent for the room, and other factors.


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