Outdoor Projects to Complete Before Exterior Painting 

May 11, 2022

If you’re planning an exterior paint project this spring or summer, chances are you probably have other items on your “To Do” list to accomplish as well. Prioritizing these lists becomes important especially when you have a professional painting team set to arrive in the coming days to get started on your home’s exterior. 

Most painting teams can work around all sorts of situations involving outdoor areas from overgrown shrubbery to outdoor toys strewn around the yard. There are, however, some projects you will want to move to the top of the list in order to prepare for your painting team. 


Trim the Shrubs & Bushes 

If the perimeter of your home’s foundation is adorned with flowering shrubbery or greenery bushes, the time to trim them back would be prior to the arrival of your painting team. While the painters will probably be able to work around branches, it is best to trim them in advance to allow for better access to your home as well as having the added bonus that aesthetically it will look so much nicer if they are well manicured. 

Trim Trees 

If your yard has any trees that are adjacent to the home’s structure or even touching the home’s structure, now is the time to have an arborist or tree company trim them back. 

This situation can be hazardous as painters attempt to reach higher levels of the exterior via scaffolding or ladders. This is a perfect project to complete before your painting team arrives. power wash

Power Washing 

Whether you plan to power wash the walkways, patio, deck, or the actual surface of the home, this project is best done before the paint project. 

Our Jerry Enos Painting team can actually perform this service in order to clean your home, brick pavers, or wooden deck before our exterior painting begins. This will allow for a clean surface for which to adhere the paint as well as allowing the walkways and patio to be cleaned beforehand. 

We suggest power washing on walkways and decks prior to painting due to the amount of splatter of dirt and debris that would take away from the aesthetics of a newly painted home. 

Clean the Yard 

Your kids may enjoy kicking a soccer ball around the yard, but it can pose a hazard to teams carrying paint and ladders. A quick clean up of the yard that removes any obstacles that may be in the way of the work is much appreciated. 

While you’re at it, make some room for the painting trucks to have access to your driveway and street to be able to offload and materials they may need for the job at hand. 

Talk to your painting team about ways you can make the process go smoothly once they have started your project. 


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