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Man Cave Makeover

December 27, 2017

Does your home have a bonus room, basement room, or extra space that your husband would love to turn into his “Man Cave?” These rooms seem to be more and more popular as places to watch the “big game”, relax, and hang out with friends. So, what does it take to turn a typical room into a Man Cave that your husband with enjoy for years to come? Here are a few suggestions.


  • Start with Paint – The color palette that you choose for a Man Cave sets the tone for how the room will look overall. Darker colors seem to be popular as they are perceived as masculine and make a room look warm and welcoming for friends. These rooms, typically meant for entertaining. do not need to be dark and gloomy, however. Many homeowners are choosing lighter and brighter colors for the walls, and then adding darker colors through furniture and decor. Talk to a Jerry Enos Painting Color Specialist to discuss what you would like for the backdrop to your Man Cave.
  • Consider Furnishings – What will the room be used for? If you plan to watch sports, you may want to invest in reclining comfy chairs that can hold beverages and snacks. If you plan to host poker or pool nights, consider finding speciality tables that coordinate with the colors you have chosen for the room. (Not all pool tables come in green anymore).
  • Consider Extras – Is your husband a beer or wine connoisseur? Adding extras, like a beer tap or brewing station, may be the focal point of his favorite room. For those who are looking for a place to keep up with the many sports, consider mounting several televisions to the walls so that there is no need for channel surfing. Then, go the extra mile and automate everything in the room.


Need help deciding on the perfect color for your Man Cave? Call Jerry Enos Painting for a consultation at 978-546-6843 or visit our website to find out more.

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