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Making a Spare Bedroom Multifunctional 

October 22, 2020

The global pandemic has made many of us change our mode of doing everyday ordinary things. From where we work, play, and gather, things are just not the same. Knowing this, we understand that many homeowners are turning spare bedrooms into multifunctional spaces such as classrooms for remote schooling, home offices, gyms, and even a comfortable place to relax away from the rest of the family. 

In the wake of COVID-19, many families are finding that their homes have become a base of operations for work, school, and family life, in general. An extra bedroom or guest room can become an extremely useful space during these unprecedented times. 

Today, let’s examine how your spare bedroom can become multifunctional, what color palette would be appropriate, and how to decorate for optimal use. home office and bedroom

Home Office 

The numbers of people who have adapted to working from home are staggering. Having a place carved out to concentrate and hold private virtual meetings may mean converting that extra room into a multifunctional office. Space may be at a premium in your home but an extra bedroom can be arranged to function as both a home office and a bedroom, when needed. 

We suggest starting with a neutral paint scheme. Remember, while this may be your home, you need a background that is soothing enough to be seen regularly not only by your eyes while you work, but by those who will be “visiting” via virtual conference calls. Consider grays, taupe, off-white, or tans as your primary color. playroom

Remote School Space 

Thousands of children will not be returning to school in-person this fall as their districts have chosen remote learning from home. Students will need a dedicated space to do their school work and meet with teachers and classmates virtually. A spare bedroom can fit the bill and will probably need minimal changes. 

Just as you will need to add a desk for a home office, the same is true for a dedicated school space. Once you have added a student-sized desk, change up the colors by having an accent wall in a bright color that can display artwork, school projects, and posters that may help the homeschooling process. In short, create a mini version of school in your extra room! 

A Quiet Space 

Let’s face it, after six (or so) long months of togetherness, many family members would like a nice quiet space to retreat away from the rest of the family unit. Turn an extra bedroom into a lounge area for reading, creating, or listening to music. We suggest, for design purposes, that you invest in a few deep cushioned comfy chairs, maybe beanbags for children, and a soft soothing color palette for the walls. Add some stand alone lighting for close reading and for setting a cozy mood to the room. For color palettes we suggest maybe some deeper colors that will envelope the room like deeper greens or grays. 

Do you need help transforming your spare bedroom into a multifunctional room this fall? Talk to our experts about how you can get started by painting the walls and ceiling to match your goals for the room. 


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