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Living Room Painting and Decorating Ideas

December 19, 2018

Now that Old Man Winter has come to town, it is common for homeowners to switch their entertaining routines from outside around the fire pit, to inside around the fireplace. That means if you love to entertain or have family over often, your living room is in constant use. Do you need a living room transformation, or at least a refresh on the walls, ceiling, floors, or furnishings? Here are a few ideas to get you started on your living room “redo.”

Decide on a Color Palette

What tone or mood are you hoping to create in your living room? If you are hoping for a warm cozy feel, maybe choose colors like oatmeal, yellows, or earthy browns. If you are looking for a modern edge, then maybe a stark white or metallic grey. Or, maybe you are hoping to bring back a summer feel with beachy tones such as seafoam blues, greens, and coral reds. Whatever mood you are hoping to set, let the paint color be the base of your design scheme. It is the largest surface in the room and can set the tone for the remainder of the furnishings, window coverings, and accent pieces.

Decide on the Sheen

In one of our recent blogs Paint Sheen Guide, we discussed the importance of choosing the right finish for each room. Each sheen has a varying level of glossiness, durability, and ease of cleaning. For a high traffic living room, where the center of your entertaining takes place, we suggest something that is easy to clean and yet stands up to high traffic like a satin sheen.

Furnishings and Arrangements

If you entertain often, then you know the importance of having seating that is comfortable and arranged in such a manner that conversations can happen easily. Take a close look at your furniture arrangement. Is there a seating area that is intimate? Is there a secondary seating area for small groups? Is the furniture conducive to having a place to put a drink down and access it easily? These are all things you should think about when redecorating your living room.


One of the last things that you will plan for when redecorating your living room are all the accents that can make the colors in your room pop. For example, pillows on the sofa, blankets, and art can highlight a third color option. When choosing a color palette for your walls, keep in mind not only the colors for the walls and trim but also a third accent color that can show up in your accents.

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