Living Room Color Trends 

June 22, 2022

Choosing the best living room color is no easy chore. Since the living room tends to be the hub of the home, it needs to set the tone as well as coordinate with the adjoining rooms. Thus this decision could be a pivotal one for the entire home’s color palette. 

If you are facing down a pile of color swatches, you may be wondering what’s trending and what will still be in fashion years from now. It’s not often that all the major paint companies agree on anything. But this year Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Glidden, Behr, and Better Homes & Gardens all chose muted green colors as their Color of the Year for 2022. 

fireplace focal pointGreen Tones 

It makes sense after two years of upheaval caused by a global pandemic that we would all want a color that symbolizes growth and renewal. According to Homes & Gardens, green living room colors palettes “promise to renew your connection to nature, and the color green is said to evoke feelings of serenity, vibrancy and good fortune.” With green available in a whole host of shades, it’s easy to find one that suits your personality and preference. 

Being a Benjamin Moore dealer, we love Kennebunkport Green, Soft Fern, and Saybrook Sage.

Red Tones 

Across the color wheel from green is red. While shades of red may seem a bit bold for a living room they can be a warm, cozy color choice. 

In colder climates, warm color choices like deeper reds can make a room, such as a central family room or living room feel cozy and inviting. 

Some of our favorite Benjamin Moore reds are Rose Quartz, Ruby Red, and Raspberry Truffle

Gray Tones 

Another popular choice for living rooms rests squarely in the gray family. Grays tend to be viewed as a sophisticated choice that can warm or cool a room depending upon the hue you choose.  Not only is gray a good choice for someone that likes neutrals but wants to avoid the earthy tones, but it also works well with so many other colors allowing it to blend well with adjacent rooms. 

Some of our favorite grays in the Benjamin Moore family include Stormy Monday, Silver Half Dollar, and Revere Pewter

paint samplesPowdery Pastels 

Interior rooms are meant to feel comfortable and easy to live in. pastels such as pinks, berries, blues, and greens, are perfect for that relaxed feel to a busy living room. 

Pastels such as Pleasant Pink, Hazy Lilac, or Blue Bonnet are sure to make your living room feel relaxed and awash in calmness. 

What is your favorite living room color palette? Send us pictures or drop us a line! 


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