Laundry Room Redesign 

November 10, 2021

Doing the laundry may seem like a never-ending chore. In fact, just when I have washed, dried, folded, and put everything away, it would be nice to take a day or two off from the cycle. Unfortunately, the laundry just keeps accumulating. 

Since most families spend an inordinate amount of time on this one chore, it is more important than ever to have a laundry room that is extremely functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

Are you ready for a laundry room redesign? 

Here are a few ideas that may inspire you to create a laundry room you actually want to spend time in (even if you have to do the laundry…again.) 

organized laundry room

Create a Workable Footprint 

If you have the luxury of starting the design of your laundry room from scratch, think long and hard about how you want your appliances placed in the room. 

For instance, you will want both the washer and dryer to be close to each other as well as near a flat surface for folding and ironing. 

Plan out where you would like each aspect of your laundry room including some time saving items like a laundry chute, folding station, individual laundry baskets for each family member, a hanging station for items that should air dry, and an area for all the supplies you will need to get everything clean. 

laundry room cabinets

Cabinets & Organization 

One aspect of a laundry room that there can never be enough of is… organization. Cabinets and cubbies can help with this issue. 

We love this image from DecorPad that shows an abundance of cubbies with baskets, cabinets and shelving to hold all the detergent, fabric softener, bleach, and spray bottles for scrubbing those tough-to-clean stains. 

Choose Fun & Bright Colors 

If ever there was a room in a house that needs some bright and fun colors on the walls, it’s the laundry room. 

A laundry room needs a burst of color or a color combination that is welcoming, cheery, and makes the room less of a chore to enter. 

Benjamin Moore has quite a few cheery colors that could make your laundry room become, dare I say it, your favorite room in the house. 

This Cumulus Cotton from Benjamin Moore is a striking light blue that is sure to cheer your laundry room up. Add white cabinets and colorful baskets and the space will be a place you enjoy visiting rather than dreading. 

Benjamin Moore’s Pure Joy, a part of the Classic Collection, is a sunny yellow that is sure to put the joy into your laundry room. This color goes well with light or dark stained cabinets and can brighten up a smaller, darker laundry room space. 

If you are looking for something less bold, try Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray. It’s muted, neutral tone is a great backdrop for your decor items that you plan to hand on the wall or display on shelves. 

Get started on your laundry room redesign by checking out some of our portfolio pictures on our site or playing with colors on Benjamin Moore’s color selector site. 

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