Increasing Workplace Productivity and Morale with Paint

January 3, 2018

Quick, what’s the first color that your clients or employees see when they enter your office? Is it a muted, neutral color palette with grays, beige, or white adorning the walls? If so, your office is like so many of the companies around our area that have been “playing it safe” without really thinking about how a splash of color could boost morale and productivity. Let’s take a closer look at color palettes for workspaces and how they impact both clients and staff members in regards to workplace productivity and morale.

A University of Texas study on color scheme and productivity led by researcher Nancy Kwallek, Ph.D, examined three color schemes in particular: white, red, and pastel blue/green. The study looked at how these different colors affected workers in the office. The results suggest that color scheme alone may impact mood and can also affect productivity. Dr. Kwallek’s research gives support to the actions of many companies today who are seeking to positively impact the office environment with the use of color.

Blue/Green – These two colors are common in nature and tend to be associated with terms like restful and calming. They also are associated with improving focus and efficiency.
Yellow – The color of happiness can trigger innovation according to psychologists who study the impact of color on mood. Studies suggest that variations of this hue be used in work environments where artists, writers, designers, developers, and other creative professionals work.
Red – While this color tends to be alarming to some people, it is a great accent color that draws the eye to the most important feature in a room. This color is thus used on things like exit signs, fire extinguishers, and can be used to capture the attention of employees or clients.
White – According to research behind the Psychology of Color, white is the worst color to paint the office since it gives off feelings of being sterile or too clinical feeling.

If you are considering painting your business offices, be sure to research what a color scheme may do to your workforce productivity and mood. Call Jerry Enos at 978-546-6843, or visit our website to find out more.

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