How to Make Your Home Summer Ready, Inside and Out

April 21, 2013

Summer Residence Rockport
A Summer Residence in Rockport

After working in so many Massachusetts homes and apartments, offices and stores, we’ve picked up some tips that will help you get your spaces spic and span and summer-ready:

Clean interiors from the top down. That means cleaning room by room in upper floors first, and cleaning from ceiling to floor in each of those rooms. That way you’re moving clutter toward your front door, where you can decide to toss it or organize it, and moving dust down to the floor where it can be vacuumed up.

Wipe your windows, inside and out. Nothing makes a space feel fresher faster than clean, clear windows. Take your window cleaning to the next level by removing screens, using an ammonia and vinegar solution, and making time to squeegee and dry every window.

Paint to refresh indoor and outdoor spaces. June is a great time to think about painting interiors and exteriors, whether you want to choose a whole new color palette or just rejuvenate your existing paint job to undo the damaging effects of the New England winter.

Summer is just about here – so the time to prep your home is now! Don’t let summertime pass you by because you’re too busy doing all the cleaning you should have checked off your to-do list in the spring.

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