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How To Incorporate Your Favorite Colors Into Your Home 

Do you love bold color choices? Does it inspire you to be more creative or evoke a certain mood? Do certain hues help you relax, sleep, or unwind after a long day off work? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are our kind of person. We love color at Jerry Enos Painting, and we love when our clients want to incorporate their favorite colors into their homes for all sorts of reasons. 

One of the first questions we get from our clients tends to be “how can I use a certain color in my home?” Whether the color is bold and bright or more subdued and earthy we will help you find the best way to use a color palette so that your home looks fresh, new, and professionally painted. 

Here are a few simple ways and places to add some color to your life using your favorite hues. 

accent wall

Accent Walls 

An accent wall is typically one that has a different shade, texture, pattern, design, or material than the other walls in a space. Accent walls are used often as a way to create a focal point such as a fireplace, an architectural feature such as an archway, or a raised ceiling such as a cathedral ceiling. 

What’s fun about accent walls is that they allow homeowners to choose a color they love that may be bolder or riskier (in their mind) and use it in a room without having it be too overpowering. 

If you love bold colors like red, orange, or more powerful blues, an accent wall may be a great way to use your favorite color without feeling like your room is overtaken by it. In the rest of the space use a coordinating, but less bold choice or use more neutral tones to counterbalance the boldness of your choice. 


Who said ceilings need to be white? Not us, that’s for sure. 

Ceilings are a great place to try out a hue that you love. that may be a coordinating color with the primary choice on your walls. Many homeowners choose to paint their ceilings a lighter or darker shade of the primary color in each room to create height or make the eye go up, thus making a room feel airier. 

fireplace color

Stairs & Stairwells 

If the stairwell heading to your second floor looks a little worn and dreary, why not use a color you love for the kickboards, bringing much-needed pizzazz to an often forgotten space in a home. 

If you can’t envision painting your stairs, how about the stairwell? This space usually needs some brightening in a home and could use a touch of color to make it less dark. Choose your favorite color of the ocean, a flower, or a hue found in your favorite painting to get started. 

These three places are just the start of how you can incorporate your favorite colors into your home without having to make major changes to the house. These smaller projects can be done in less time and allow you to try out bolder colors that may be a part of your lifestyle or personality.