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How to Give Your Storefront a Facelift

April 15, 2020

Mom and Pop businesses and storefronts have taken a hit recently due to the pandemic. This means that now, more than ever, it is important to reach out and give a helping hand to those small and medium-sized businesses that may be struggling during this unprecedented time. 

Whether you are looking to attract new business or somply give a boost to your overall appearance, your seasonal facelift to your storefront does not need to be expensive. In fact, some spall, cost-effective changes can make a world of difference and help attract previously loyal customers, and new customers alike to your storefront. 

Victorian Antique Home PaintingPaint 

Paint is the number one way to make a fast and cost-effective transformation to any area whether it is indoors or the outside exterior of your storefront. 

Whether you choose to paint the entire exterior of your storefront or just the entryway, this is an excellent method to give your place a visual boost. By fixing any peeling, bubbling or faded paint you’ve taken the first step in making your store look new again. 

Remember that even small paint projects such as painting your front door, mailbox, or front steps can make things look fresh and new again. 

Add Plantings 

Spring is here and everyone needs a little reminder that the Earth is a beautiful place. Add some fresh blooms and annuals to the walkway in front of your store or in the window boxes to add a touch of color and a fresh look. 

flowersLiven Up the Landscaping 

Just like adding some annuals to your front entrance can spruce things up, so too can adding fresh landscaping elements like new sod, mulch, or edging to the walkway and front exterior. New bushes or flowering shrubs can really add a pop of color and make your storefront look amazing as the season progresses and foliage fills in. 


By adding lighting to the outside of your storefront, you can not only add to the brightness of your storefront, especially illuminating your sign, but also add a fresh modern flair, or even a historic look depending on the light fixtures you choose. 

A full remodel may not be in your budget this spring and summer given what’s happening in the world, but a few key improvements can make your storefront look new, fresh and ready to jump back into business. Talk to our specialists if you are looking for a crew to get your spring facelift started. 


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