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Fun Home Improvement Ideas to Tackle this Winter

January 17, 2017

To many New Englanders, winter means being trapped indoors while Mother Nature does her worst outdoors. However, for other New Englanders this signals a time to get to work on fun indoor home improvement projects that can give not only your home a much needed “pick-me-up” but also your mood! Here are just a few ideas for fun home improvement ideas to tackle this winter. You will be amazed the difference just a coat of paint or simple redecorating can make.

  • Organize Closets – Closets tend to be a dumping ground for all sorts of things that you don’t know what to do with from presents, decorations, and off-season clothing. Take a day or two over this winter to completely clear out a closet and reorganize the space. Sort items into categories: keep, trash and donate. After you have thinned out the closet content give the interior a fresh coat of paint. (Yes we are partial to paint!) Then, invest in some plastic storage containers to keep your hard work organized all winter.
  • Make a Room Pop with an Accent Color – Painting an entire room may be too much for you to take on without professionals to help you prep the area and move furniture but painting one wall may be doable. Choose a color that coordinates with your decor and other items in the room.  A little color can be quite the mood booster during these long winter months.
  • Install a Small Backsplash – If you have finally settled on a color you love in your kitchen and you want to enhance it with a backsplash, this may be the perfect time to work on it. Backsplashes are fairly straightforward and can really add a nice accent to a kitchen color palette. This is also a fairly budget conscious way to make a huge impact in your kitchen.
  • Touch Ups – If you have kids or grandkids, you know that knicks and dents can happen to molding and painting throughout the house. Winter may be the perfect time to touch up those minor imperfections with the extra paint you have from previous projects. Take each molding room by room and be sure to dust and clean before painting each molding.

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