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The Forgotten Surface – Ceiling Paint

January 10, 2018

Take a look up! When was the last time you painted the ceilings in your home? Do they have stains, marks, or cobwebs forming in the corners? It may be time to think about how your ceiling can change and freshen up the look of your interior rooms. The ceiling is often called the “fifth wall” of a room or many times the forgotten surface as many homeowners overlook the importance of this surface as it can provide detail, color, and character for your room. In fact, many homeowners don’t realize that the ceiling is in dire need of painting until after having painted interior walls and they see how wonderful and fresh those look. What are some options when it comes to adding detail, color or personality to your ceilings? Let’s take a closer look at ceiling paint. 


  • Color – Many homeowners opt for traditional white for their ceilings in order to make the wall colors pop or to create a sense of height in the room. Other homeowners choose a color that either coordinates with or enhances the color that is currently on the walls. For example, if you are choosing a deeper blue on the walls, a lighter shade of that same color family may add some visual appeal to the room.


  • Details – If your ceiling needs something to give it life, you may want to consider details such as trim or molding that come in a wide variety of styles. Some homeowners choose to add architectural features above windows, or to really go all out and create a tray ceiling or other add-ons that can bring out the character in any room.


  • Personality – Let’s face it, ceilings provide a great location to show off your personality whether it is with the details or color choices we mentioned above, or in other ways such as a unique lighting choice, texturing with the ceiling paint, or going all out and installing a patterned tin ceiling. The choices are endless.


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