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Does Your Workplace Look Worn Down? 

December 30, 2020

Let’s be honest, the last 9 months have been tough on everyone. We are all tiring from the pandemic, stressed for our families and coworkers, and looking for a quick pick-me-up that can boost morale and brighten everyone’s days. If you are a business owner, now might be the perfect time to paint the interior of your office. 

Yes, we all feel worn down, but we don’t need to look like it. And neither does your workplace. If you take a quick look around your workplace and see chipping paint, faded colors, and trim that could use a serious refresh, then now is the right time to paint your business. man painting

How Paint Can Benefit Your Workplace

By now, we all know the transformative impact of paint. It can take an older, dated space and make it look fresh and new. The benefits of this are many: 

  • A major morale boost for employees, clients and vendors when they visit your place of work. 
  • A brighter and fresher work environment can mean a more productive workforce. 
  • Color coordination can reinforce your business brand colors. 
  • A fresh coat of paint can send a message that your business is thriving and growing rather than the alternative. 
  • A professional paint project can create a ripple effect that encourages team members to keep the workspaces clean and orderly. 
  • A fresh, bright color change can change the mood and energy of a workspace. 
  • A new paint scheme can rid your workplace of color fading, peeling, bubbling and other paint imperfections that begin after a few years without maintenance. 

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Why Now is the Time

Currently, there are many workplaces that remain remote or partially remote. This might be the perfect opportunity to paint your office while there are fewer employees to disturb. This may be the only chance you have for painting without causing downtime to your operations no matter the industry you are in. 

This time of year in general is a good season to schedule a professional painter as they are just closing up shop for exterior painting and looking for more projects that can be done indoors. This being said, more professionals in the painting industry schedule out quickly, so take advantage of this time to book a free estimate with our team here at Jerry Enos Painting. 

Do you need help scheduling or planning a color scheme for your office? Talk to our color specialists. Then, check out our Facebook page and portfolio page for inspiration for your next painting project. 


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