Do You Have the Right Painting Products? 

August 19, 2020

Most people think that once you’ve purchased some high quality paint in the color and sheen you desire, that the job is downhill from there. A great paint job, however, starts with great paint supplies. Choosing the right painting supplies can mean the difference between a professional looking paint job and one that has drips, uneven spots, and edging mistakes. Let’s examine the long list of paint supplies and products that can make your project come out looking stellar. 

Wall Prep Supplies 

Before you even open a can of paint, you will need to clean all the surfaces including the trim, outlet covers, and ceiling surface. That process will entail needing a sponge, a bucket, a drop cloth and a cleaning mixture for your walls. 

If your walls or ceiling has any blemishes, nicks, scratches, or holes from nails, you will need to invest in some putty and caulk to fix any areas that are in need. Be sure to use fresh compounds to seal holes or cracks as the newer the product, the easier it is to manipulate. roller with white paint

Brushes and Rollers 

Depending upon the condition and square footage of the walls, and whether there is a substantial amount of detailed trim molding, you will want to have a few different types of brushes including a square brush and an angled brush. The square brush will be for your flat surfaces and the angled brush will help with cutting in on trim and corners. 

In addition to brushes you will want to have a few different types of rollers with different thickness of nap. The flatter the surface the shorter the nap, the bumpier the surface (such as popcorn ceiling) the thicker and longer the nap is needed. Most professional painters also have roller extenders to be able to reach higher ceilings and walls easily. rollers and painting materials

Furniture Coverings 

Ideally, all furnishings should be removed from a space before painting begins in order to protect it from a drip or spill. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, so covering an item is the next best course of action. Tarps that are made of canvas or cotton rather than plastic are good choices as they will be less likely to cause a slip or fall. 

We also suggest having rags easily accessible during your paint project for any spills and drips. They can be wiped away with a moist rag from the floor or any trim areas. 

Miscellaneous Items 

Along with all of these paint supplies, there are many smaller miscellaneous items that should make your list. Buckets and mixers should be used to mix paint to ensure that the paint color is uniform. Stirrers, paint can openers, and spouts can help with making sure your paint is well mixed and doesn’t cause a mess. 

Putty, caulk, scrapers, sanders, and other equipment may also be needed to repair any cracks, peeling, or holes in the walls. 

If you find this list overwhelming, you may want to talk to a professional painter who can get your job done with their professional grade, high quality equipment. Talk to our team here at Jerry Enos Painting to get a free quote for your next painting project. 


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