Design Myth: White Paint is Boring  

August 25, 2021

Homeowners are often drawn to the color white for spaces in their home like their bedroom, living room, hallways, and kitchen cabinets. Some, however, shy away from hues of white for fear of being seen as boring in their design and color choices. 

To us, white is anything but boring. 

White has long been debated as being trite or boring in the design world. Here are our reasons why white paint can be the perfect backdrop for your interior spaces for years to come. 

kitchen cabinets

White Comes in Various Hues

Just like blues and greens come in a plethora of shades, so too does white. 

White can appear warm and soft such as Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. Or it can give off a cool tone with a contemporary aesthetic such as with Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

White can also reflect in different ways depending upon the sheen or finish chosen. Flat or matte finish will allow for less reflection of light (more absorption), while semi-gloss will allow for more natural light to reflect in a space. 

Try out the many options of white from cool and bright to warm and cozy before you decide that white is boring for your space. 

white living room

White Is Clean & Crisp 

If your home needs a facelift and you are hoping to make everything look new, clean, and crisp, then white may be the perfect solution. White has a way of making everything look new again no matter how old the space may be. 

Remember that white can have tones of pink, blue, gray, beige, and green in it to give it some depth and play with the light that bounces off it. Your white does not need to be boring when it serves the purpose of making a space look clean and refreshed. 

White Allows Color Freedom 

Using a white backdrop allows homeowners the chance to use colors in other areas that will not conflict with the wall color. Color can then exist on the furnishings, blankets, art, rugs, window coverings, and the list could go on and on. 

White can open up many opportunities to add color in all of these areas and switch out the color scheme easily with the change of pillows or furniture covers! 

White Helps Create Light and Space

No, white can not make your home have more windows or increase your square footage, but it can make spaces that are lacking natural light appear lighter. It can also make a small space appear more spacious than a darker, heavier color scheme could. 

As you can see, white goes far beyond the drab color many envision it to be. It can add dimension, light, and a feeling of openness. Check out the Benjamin Moore White line for more ideas and inspiration. 


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