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Design Ideas for your Breakfast Nook

July 10, 2017


There is nothing better than starting your morning lingering over a cup of coffee, and the daily newspaper at your kitchen table with lots of natural light. This sounds idyllic but for many of us, mornings are anything but relaxing. The chaos of preparing lunches for the kids and preparing yourself for the day can be a bit overwhelming. A well designed and decorated breakfast nook can set a relaxing tone that will start your day off right. Here are some ideas for a color palette, decorative touches and design for your cozy breakfast nook.


  • Cheery Colors – Large or small, your breakfast nook should be cheery and mood lifting first thing in the morning. Soft yellows, blues or whites that coordinate with the adjacent rooms, especially the kitchen, would be a great place to start.
  • Dual Purpose Seating – Many homeowners are working with minimal space, so try using seating with a dual purpose. For example a built-in bench seating can be used for both storage and can still look comfy with the right upholstery and pillows.
  • Let in the Light – Breakfast nooks should be bright and sunny, so consider minimal window covering and keep them casual rather than a formal look of your dining room. If your breakfast nook does not get morning light, add unique lighting over the table in the form of pendants or hanging lights.
  • Choose a Theme – For homeowners who have a separate area for a kitchen nook, consider a theme. For example, a country theme with furniture that is comfortable and uses reclaimed wood as well as decorative touches that bring out your theme. A beach theme can use natural colors as well as signs and images from your favorite vacation spot.


If you need help choosing the right color palette for your kitchen nook call Jerry Enos Painting for our professional color consultant and get started on your cozy morning coffee spot today!  


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