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The Real Estate Market – the Value of Exterior Painting

April 24, 2017

Are you looking to sell your home this spring and are trying to figure what home improvements will be most worth it? Should you sink some serious cash into a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation or possibly add on square footage? According to the experts at, one of the most cost-effective improvements of all has nothing to do with a major renovation. In fact, their research shows that sprucing up the outside of your house with paint can give homeowners the biggest bang for the buck. A fresh coat of paint makes the exterior of a home look clean and updated. That translates into value!

Real estate agents explain that improvements to kitchens and baths are usually worth the investment, but getting the buyer in the house and impressing them the moment they pull up to the curb is much more important. If a house hunter drives by your house and is not initially impressed, they are not going to stop the car and go for a tour. The real estate market can be very competitive and if you want to compete with similar homes in your neighborhood, an exterior paint job can help you achieve your goal.

Spending money to make your curb appeal stronger can convey a sense of welcome to potential home buyers. It can also reassure home buyers that the house is well maintained and cared for. The money you spend to make the exterior of your house stand out from the rest will most certainly be a worthwhile investment. In fact, Consumer Reports examined recent home sales and estimates that an exterior paint job can increase a home’s value by 2-5%!

If you are considering putting your home on the market this spring or summer, call Jerry Enos Painting to increase your curb appeal, draw in buyers and be a strong competitor in your real estate region.

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