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COVID-19 Response

March 16, 2020


May 14, 2020


I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to all of our valued customers. I am very aware of how the current global situation with COVID-19 is affecting all of us, both at a personal and professional level.

For those of you who I’ve known for many years, and those of you that I’ll be meeting anew, I want to reassure you that our company is going to every length possible to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, as well as all of you. Given the fluidity of this unprecedented health crisis, it is important for all of us to make accommodations based on the information at hand.

When this all began, we immediately implemented extra precautions and strategies that can be found on our website. Since that initial statement was created, we have found new measures we can take in order to continue to provide the level of security and confidenc that you have come to know of Jerry Enos Painting. In addition to all of the strategies that are being used to provide sanitation of both our work space, as well as our individual employees, we will be providing another level that will help to ensure these practices will be more fool proof.

First, all of our employees will be required to wear face coverings at all times. They will either be in the form of a mask or a bandana. No one will be allowed to remove their mask while on the job site, except for their lunch period, which will be a safe distance from your property. As a way of helping to ensure the health and wellness of our employees, we will be requiring that all of our staff submit to daily temperature readings before being allowed on the work site, including myself. If any employee is found to have an elevated temperature, or are exhibiting any other symptoms, they will be asked to leave for the day and self quarantine and/or seek medical attention. At that point, the employee will not be allowed to return to work until the 14-day quarantine period has passed. Before returning to work, the employees temperature will be taken once more.

I hope providing this extra level of surveillance for this insidious disease will help all of you to know that all of us at Jerry Enos Painting are committed to providing you with the highest quality of work and the highest regard for your personal safety and well being. I thank you for your trust during this very challenging time.

Jerry Enos

March 16, 2020


We know that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is at the top of mind for most of you, just as it is for all of us here at Jerry Enos Painting, Inc. As the situation continues to develop, our hearts go out  to all who have been affected.

Please rest assured that our employees will be staying home if they exhibit any signs of  sickness (fever, cough, shortness of breath). They will remain self-quarantined for a minimum  of 2 weeks, as suggested by the CDC.

We are reminding our employees to take appropriate preventative hygiene methods to minimize  the potential risk of infection. We are all adhering to the practice of regularly and thoroughly washing our hands and using hand sanitizer throughout the day.

To ensure your safety, at the end of every job, extra measures will be taken to completely sanitize the work space.

We, at Jerry Enos Painting,Inc., wanted to let you, our customers, know that we are taking the  COVID-19 situation seriously.

It is our hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

Kim S. Phetteplace
Office Manager

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