Colors that Can Help Your Home Sell

July 16, 2018

If you are considering selling your home this season or in the near future, painting either the interior or exterior surfaces may be on your long list of things to do. Before putting your home on the market, most realtors suggest a quick refresh with a coat of paint either inside, outside or, in the best-case-scenario, both!


There are several reasons why realtors suggest painting prior to listing a house. The most common reason is that paint can give a room or house a new look. Paint is the most cost-effective way to make a great first impression on potential buyers. Another reason is that many homes have paint palettes that are unique to the tastes of the current homeowners. Bright, splashy colors or, worse yet, wallpaper, may completely turn off a buyer who doesn’t want to think about repainting every room.


It is for these reasons that realtors suggest choosing from a neutral or toned down color palette when you are painting for resale. For instance, Zillow, one of the largest online real estate databases completed an analysis of more than 32,000 photos from sold residential properties and found that specific colors can either boost or crimp a home’s selling price. The analysis controlled for square footage, the age of the home, the date and location of the transaction, and then compared the sale prices of homes with white walls versus those with more colorful paint. Desirable colors “help future buyers envision themselves living in the space,” according to the study. They suggest researching what colors are popular at the time that you are selling. For example, last year, yellow was a hot color, while this year, grays and beiges are in.


If you are looking to sell and want some advice on what colors would look good in your space, call Jerry Enos Painting at at 978-546-6843, or visit our website to find out more.

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