Color Spotlight – Greens 

November 3, 2022

Kermit The Frog once proclaimed that “it’s not easy being green.” As color specialists and painting professionals, we sadly have to disagree with the famous Muppet. While it may not be easy to be green, the hue is an amazingly versatile color that can pay tribute to the great outdoors and bring the calming colors of nature right into your home. 

From sea greens to mint greens, succulent shaded hues and earthy greens, the color palette of green can range from dark and moody to light and airy. Let’s explore some of our favorite greens in this month’s color spotlight. 

Vintage Vogue

Vintage Vogue 

If you like dark, bold colors, this green by Benjamin Moore may be perfect for your space. Vintage Vogue #462 is an ultra-dark, smoky green that can be used in place of black or brown. In other words, if you like neutrals but want a punch of color this could be an appropriate choice. 

Designer Carmen René Smith, of Aquilo Interiors, states that Vintage Vogue is “the best-supporting actress; she plays well with others. The type of friend you can introduce to anyone. She provides the perfect base for this gallery wall, uniting otherwise disparate pieces. The glue of the group!”

Virdigris Green

Verdigris Green 

Verdigris Green by Benjamin Moore is a very handsome hunter green with a gently muted cast. Heather Hilliard, of Heather Hilliard Design, stated that “Verdigris is one of my favorite greens; it’s a unique bluish green that results from the process of oxidation on copper and brass.”

Sherwood Green

Sherwood Green 

This favorite Benjamin Moore green is described as “a spirited medium green with just a dash of gray.” Sherwood Green is neutral with a lighter green with undertones of gray which makes for a great color to coordinate with furnishings in neutral hues as well as show off accent pieces with a little more color. 

Georgian Green

Georgian Green 

Benjamin Moore’s green family can range from green grays to green yellows and beyond. Georgian Green can be described as “a medium olive tone warmed by muted yellow undertones.” This differs slightly from Sherwood Green in that it has yellow undertones that move away from the gray undertones seen above. 

Kennybunkport Green

Kennebunkport Green 

For those who are searching for a perfect medium green this member of the Benjamin Moore green family may be the perfect combination of dark and light. Kennebunkport Green is a versatile medium green with a cool gray cast. This “just right” color picks up a bit of gray but lots of that green to add some feeling of bringing the outside into your home. 

Explore all of the Benjamin Moore Green Family and let us transform your home into an oasis of calm and surround yourself with an Earthy look. 


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