Color Highlight: The Amenable Gray

October 3, 2022

For the past several years and possibly the better half of a decade, gray has reigned supreme in paint colors and design. Color experts love to tout gray as the perfect neutral that is compatible with every other color on the color wheel. 

In the not-so-distant past, gray was once considered drab, boring, and dull-looking in terms of paint colors. Fast forward to today and designers are excited about the possibilities that come with this very flexible color. Let’s explore why gray has changed in the eyes of many in the paint world and why it may become your top choice for your next paint project. 


Gray is Adaptable 

Take a quick look at color samples and you will immediately notice that gray is not a straightforward color. In fact, it can have hues of green, blue, purple, yellow, and brown in it to completely change the appearance and how it compliments the furnishings in your rooms. 

Greige, a color somewhere between gray and beige, is currently a hot commodity in the design world. It allows for a change in the color depending upon the surrounding furnishings and the type and style of lighting in the room. This color combination is universally popular since it is a simple choice of a neutral color that is sophisticated and welcoming all at the same time. 

Gray Allows for A Neutral Palette

Many homeowners choose gray because it provides a neutral background color for their furnishings, wall art, accent pieces, and floor coverings. Gray, in particular, compliments so many other colors that it is a perfect choice for homes with lots of different competing colors in rooms such as living areas, kitchens, and bedrooms. 

master bedroom

Gray is Timeless 

Although some design experts think that the days of gray reigning supreme may be nearing their end, others believe that this color is a timeless choice. This is especially important to homeowners who don’t enjoy repainting rooms and want to choose a color that can last for many years without looking dated and worn. 

Gray is a sophisticated color that exudes elegance and warmth simultaneously. This color family is perfect for a family that would like to paint once and enjoy the color for years to come. 

Gray Creates a Mood 

Depending upon the style of your home, surrounding architecture, and furnishings, gray can set the mood for a room. With blue undertones, it can set the mood of relaxation and calmness. With undertones of green or black, rooms can appear sleek and modern. With undertones of yellow or beige, rooms can take on a warmer glow. 

Gray is such a versatile color that can complement your home in many ways. Check out Benjamin Moore’s family of grays here and get started on your paint project. 


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