Choosing Paint for Large Rooms

March 24, 2021

As painting professionals we often have clients who ask us how to make a small room appear larger. This is a common problem in New England where older homes have rooms that are divided and sectioned into areas. More modern construction, however, leaves us with an opposing problem; what to do with large rooms. 

While we do have clients inquire about those small rooms, we also have clients who seek help with paint colors for oversized rooms such as: kitchens, Bonus rooms, Great rooms, and open concept rooms that are common in new construction. Today, we are examining how you can choose a paint color for those particular situations. 

spacious room

How Can Paint Change the Feel of a Room? 

Paint can make a huge impact on how our human eye perceives a space. Paint color can completely change the overall feel of a room. For example, dark or warm hues can make a large room feel cozier and may eliminate the impersonal feeling that many large rooms emanate. In equal measure, light and cool colors can make a small room feel more open and large. 

kitchen cabinets

Make a Large Room Feel More Welcoming

Large rooms such as master bedrooms, open concept kitchens/family rooms, and Bonus rooms over the garage often give off a “cold” vibe. To warm up the space and make it more welcoming, you will want to add some color to the walls. Darker colors such as blues, greens, browns, and grays can warm up a large space instantly. 

Add some color to the ceilings and suddenly the room feels even cozier and less of a large void of space. Some color experts suggest making a family room more welcoming by painting the walls and the ceiling the same color or coordinating shades to bring the height of the room down a bit and make it feel smaller and more intimate. 

Open Concept Spaces 

For families that have large entertaining spaces that are common with open concept homes, they may desire a way to separate the spaces while also making the rooms seem to flow from one to another. To achieve this, choose a warm hue, then ask your color specialists what the adjacent colors are to that particular hue. You can then stay in the same color family while still distinguishing the kitchen space from the family room space. Often color swatches will provide the color family closest to your main color. 

Do you have a large room that needs some warmth, coziness, or a way to differentiate the space due to open concept living? Our color specialists can help you choose a color that will bring out the best in your space. 


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