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Choosing Paint Colors Made Easy

December 6, 2017

Have you ever noticed that you are naturally attracted to certain colors? According to marketing professionals, color accounts for 60 percent of our response to an object or a place. This can explain why advertising experts use specific colors to get consumers to buy products. This type of color psychology is widely studied when it comes to the branding of businesses, but what about when it comes to choosing the colors to paint your home’s interior walls and surfaces? How can color psychology be used to help you choose the paint colors you will love and be happy with for a long time? Here are some suggestions from the professionals at Jerry Enos Painting.

Get Inspired – Too many homeowners start with a color they think they should use, like a neutral or muted hue. Some homeowners start their painting with inspiration from a picture, a favorite place or something in nature. We suggest getting inspired to find a color that really speaks to you. For example, Jerry Enos Painting has a portfolio page full of examples to get you started and many paint stores now offer inspiration room images to help you picture what you want your room to look like.
Test It Out – Once you have a color family in mind, start by purchasing small testing samples to see what saturation of a certain color will look like on your walls. For example, if you choose a blue there are a million saturation levels of blue that range from green-blue to grey-blue and all the points in between. Test out the color on several walls so that the sun can hit it at different times of the day before you make a final decision on a color.
Consider Mood – When choosing the color palette you want to use in a room, consider what type of mood you want to portray. For example, do you want the mood to be festive and lively for entertaining, or serene and peaceful for quiet evenings at home. The mood may help you narrow down a color choice.
Consider Lighting – What sun exposure does the room have? If it is in the full sun most of the day you may be able to use a darker color and not have it impact the brightness of the room, whereas if the room only gets late day sun, you may want something to lighten the room.

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