Check Out Jerry Talking Shop and Safety with Festool

March 28, 2014

At Jerry Enos Painting we have always prided ourselves on being a clean company – and to us, that means a lot more than leaving job sites looking spotless. A commitment to health and safety is part of our core company philosophy. We’re committed to the health of our crew, of the earth, and especially of all of our clients, which is why we use the latest and best technology to ensure every paint job is making the least possible impact on people and the environment.

Recently, Jerry himself was interviewed about crew and client safety for a video for Festool, which makes a unique dust extraction system that makes sanding 99.7% dust free.

Check it out!

Jerry was asked to be a part of the video after being invited to attend an exclusive seminar for contractors that was focused on product-related issues. When it was his turn to talk about his business, stain expert Rick Farrar suggested he talk product instead. Jerry took his advice and as a result, Jordan Haire, Director of Paint for Festool USA, called to thank him for the great testimonial and ask him to write some testimonials for the company’s marketing materials.

The target audience of the video is the contractors who use Festool’s dust extractors, but we hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch it because we want all of our clients to see what kinds of equipment we’re using to make every job safer.

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