Caring for your Home’s Exterior Paint

November 15, 2017

Painting the exterior of a home can not only give a house a new, fresh look that is sure to increase curb appeal, but can also protect the wood from potential rot, aging, and weathering due to climate, precipitation, or sun. There is quite a lot riding on the quality and maintenance of the paint that is protecting and aesthetically enhancing your home. So what steps should you take to make sure the paint is cared for properly. As professionals we know that the life of any exterior paint job depends on the care it receives. Here are a few tips from our painting professionals about how you can extend the life of your exterior paint and keep your house looking polished at the same time.


  • Check for Spots and Stains – It is inevitable that something will stain or mark your house, whether it is a bird that soiled the paint, a child’s ball that bounces against the exterior wall, or a tree limb that rubs against the house, causing a mark. Homeowners should inspect the paint regularly to be sure that these marks or stains are cleaned with a gentle detergent, water, and a soft cloth.
  • Power Washing – The northeast region has such wildly changing temperatures and humidity that mold and mildew can often begin to grow and spread on the exterior of homes with excess moisture. Consider having a power washing performed by a professional company such as Jerry Enos Painting. Doing it yourself may save you a few bucks, but damaging your paint or exterior surfaces is possible if the power washing is not done properly.
  • Quickly Care for Damaged Boards or Siding – Wood can rot fairly quickly if it has been damaged and left to the elements. Replace or repair damaged boards and repaint the area to seal the wood and protect it from moisture.
  • Invest in Quality Paint – The exterior of your home is bombarded with the sun’s rays, hard winter winds, and temperatures that fluctuate greatly. Choosing a high quality paint can diminish the ravages of Mother Nature and save your home from having to be painted again too soon.


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