Are Dark Color Schemes a Mistake? 

April 20, 2022

The short answer is no. 

Dark colors have both aesthetic and practical purposes in rooms of varying functions and sizes. 

If you’re getting ready to transform a room in your home and are having trouble choosing a paint color, today’s blog is for you. Choosing a color scheme is never easy, but choosing a dark color scheme always feels like a huge leap for many people. 

Darker blues, greens, and even grays are extremely popular right now, giving many homeowners pause when they start to shy away from these darker colors that could potentially make a huge, transformational change in a space. 

In general, interior designers believe that darker colors are not a mistake when refreshing or completely transforming a room. There are several reasons why darker paint schemes may, in fact, be a good idea for your home. If you want to make a bold statement with your color scheme you may already be “all in” when it comes to darker colors, but there are some practical reasons why you may want a color scheme that favors darker colors as well. 

Here are a few practical reasons that may help you make that leap to choose a darker color in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. 

fireplace focal point

Dark Covers Imperfections

Are there some clearly visible imperfections or blemishes on your walls? Does the drywall or plaster have some wonky areas that need covering? Dark color schemes may be the perfect solution to this problem. 

According to designers on the site Little House on the Corner, “Light reflects differently on dark walls compared to lighter colored walls, so painting them dark hides almost all of the cracks, bumps and dents in the plaster.”

blue room

Dark Colors Can Create an Illusion of Space 

One of the biggest myths of interior design is that space and size of a room is determined by light color schemes. This is not true! 

The Journal online states that, “if you go for cooler dark tones, such as a navy, they can absorb the light and in a slightly different way, they too can succeed in creating the illusion of space.”

Therefore, don’t be fooled into thinking a space needs whites and lights to feel more open. Create a space that has a bold feel and openness by carefully choosing a color that reflects the light. 

Dark Colors Make Artwork Pop

If you collect artwork or love the pieces you have displayed in your home, you may want a darker color on the walls to make your artwork pop. Many homeowners find that artwork tends to get washed out when background wall colors are white or light. 

For more ideas on how to make your wall colors pop check out this article called Make Your Art Pop: How to Match Paintings and Wall Color from Painting With a Twist. 


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