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A Short History of Jerry Enos Painting of New England

August 21, 2013

Considering how successful Jerry Enos Painting is today, you may be surprised to learn that it started as something of a side project.

It’s sufficient to say 1987 was a year of big changes for company founder, Jerry, and like many of us, he was looking for a way to bring in some extra income. Painting seemed like a natural fit, considering that he grew up in a family where everyone pitched in around the house. It wasn’t unusual to find a young Jerry painting or hanging wallpaper at his father’s side, so he had the experience and the know-how to do a solid job from the very beginning.

Jerry didn’t switch careers right away, however. For a number of years he divided his time between his painting customers and the Essex County Jail in Middleton, where he worked as a correctional officer and then President of the Union. It’s also where he’d eventually meet his wife!

jerry enos - interior painting company

During this period, Jerry spent much of his time in the painting sphere working in partnership with two other people. Eventually, though, Jerry realized that wasn’t how he wanted to do business, and branched out on his own. From the get go, he was able to keep a crew of six busy for ten months out of the year on word of mouth alone.

From there, Jerry was introduced to some of the big players in Cape Ann’s network of home improvement pros. It was then that he was given a piece of advice that would change his life. A contact told him “You can never truly succeed when you’re pulled in two different directions,” and Jerry realized he wanted to focus the entirety of his energy on his painting business, which was growing year by year.

According to Jerry, shifting gears to focus full time on Jerry Enos painting was the best thing that could have happened to him. He could finally focus all of his energy and attention on expanding the business and creating a customer service model that had people recommending the company right and left. He was also able to increase his workforce to 12 talented people, plus an experienced office manager. Jerry was setting new, loftier goals, and they were turning out to be entirely attainable.

Since then, Jerry Enos Painting has become the premier large-scale painting company on the North Shore, and Jerry and the company have started to create initiatives to give back to the communities that have helped the company become what it is today.

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