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5 Unique Uses for Blue Painter’s Tape

March 7, 2016


It’s a common scenario – you’ve finished with your painting project, but have a lot of blue painter’s tape leftover. Saving it in your junk drawer or tool bag for the next project is always an option, but if those projects aren’t common, or you just don’t want it lying around, you’re in luck. There are great alternate uses for that ubiquitous blue tape!


    1. Cheap chip clip (say that one five times fast!) Because painter’s tape is meant to be mildly adhesive, it can be used to close an open bag of snacks – and be re-used until the bag’s empty. This is great for camping, picnics, or any other time a chip clip isn’t available. It can also be used to keep other food fresh – sugar or flour bags, bags of rice, and bags of cereal will last much longer with an application of painter’s tape to keep the bags closed.


    1.  As a home project manager: Don’t laugh – it’s true! For instance, if you’re installing curtain rods, and need to keep screws, drill bits, or other small parts within reach while up on a ladder, use painter’s tape to tape them to the top step of the ladder. You know, the one that says “do not use as step.” This means no more screws that roll off the top step, across the floor, and under furniture, or the radiator. They’ll finally stay in place until they’re needed.


    1.  Party helper! Next time you’re hosting a super bowl party, cookout, or birthday party, bring out the blue tape. It has multiple party uses you’ve probably never imagined. For instance, use it to hang decorations so the paint or wallpaper doesn’t get marred. Use it to label drink cups so there’s less waste. Playing twister? Tape down the corners of the board so it doesn’t slip! You can even use it to mark off areas of the home or rooms that you don’t want guests to use, or label the bathroom door to avoid everyone asking where, exactly, the facilities are.


    1. Labels! Because blue painter’s tape is less permanent and sticky than regular masking tape or duct tape, but is easy to write on (unlike packing or scotch tape), it’s great for labeling. Use it to label everything from cords behind your desk or entertainment center, to yard sale item, food in your fridge, or your children’s school items.


  1. Decorating. Blue painter’s tape is useful for making a long, straight line on your wall – that can be removed with no residue – if you’re hanging multiple pieces of art or photos at the same level. Alternately, if you’re attempting to lay out multiple frames on the same wall and want to picture how it will look before making all the nail holes, cut the tape into the dimensions of the frame and place it in its prospective new home. You’ll be able to stand back and get a good feel for the final result, and adjusting the tape is much easier than more drilling or nailing.

With these tips, it’s easy to see how useful that blue tape can be, beyond keeping paint off your ceilings or trim work. So don’t throw it in a drawer forever – make it work for you!

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