4 Tips To Paint Like a Pro

July 21, 2021

Do you harbor a secret desire to be a weekend warrior? Do you daydream about painting certain rooms in your home bright, beautiful colors? If so, today’s blog is written just for you! We have some tips that will help you transform your home all you paint like a pro. 

Before we reveal some inside information on painting, be sure that you want to do the work yourself. Many-a-homeowner has started a project and realized they don’t have the desire, tools, or time to get it all done. If that is the case, our team will be happy to check out your space and complete your project so your room is transformed into exactly what you have been dreaming about. 

Should you still want to try the project on your own, here are four tips to help you paint like a professional. 


Pick the Right Time 

When we say pick the right time, we aren’t just referring to the weather, but also the schedule that fits your lifestyle. 

For instance, many people pick summer as a time when they can tackle those home improvement projects like painting. Work and school definitely slows down during the summer. Unfortunately, the summer can be fraught with wet weather (for exterior painting) and humidity that can impact both exterior and interior painting. Choose a time when you are ensured some drier weather that will make it optimal for the paint to dry and for you to be working. 

In addition to thinking about the weather, consider how busy your life is. Don’t expect to get a paint project done in a day, or even a weekend. Block out large chunks of time when you won’t be disturbed by work, kids, or family obligations. 

Study & Learn

If you plan to take on a painting project, you need to do some research first. You will want to research answers to several questions including: 

  • What color palette do you want to use? 
  • What finish would work best in the space? 
  • What sunlight exposure does the space have and what will that do to the paint color? 
  • How much paint will I need for the square footage? 
  • What types of tools and equipment will I need? 
  • Are there tight spaces or high ceilings that could be a challenge? 
  • What colors are trending and what will help bring the best ROI for the project? 

Prep Should Take Longer Than Painting 

Our clients are always somewhat shocked that our preparation of a space can take longer than actually painting the area. This is because you should be cleaning the area, including wiping down the walls, repairing any blemishes, and filling holes from picture frames before you even start the process. 

You should also be washing down trim and moulding. From there you will want to remove all of the furnishing from the space so that nothing is damaged or splattered on. 

Don’t skimp on your prep time only to find that you should have removed the light switch plates and taped off the built-in shelving. 

Buy Quality Tools 

Painting takes some serious time and energy so put the best tools to work for you. You really don’t want brush hairs coming off or nap clumping up mid-project. The cost of higher quality tools will show in your final project. 

This is one reason why many homeowners hire our team for their paint project. They know we have the best equipment out there from ladders and scaffolding to the best brushes, rollers, and hardware needed to make your project come out looking beautiful. 


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