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Four Things to Consider Before You Start a Paint Project at Your Home

May 9, 2018

Some of us are “weekend warriors” who love to start projects on a Friday and spend the entire weekend engrossed in it until Sunday rolls around when we find ourselves exhausted and only halfway through a project. Painting is one such project that homeowners tend to think they can quickly bang out a room or two in just a weekend. If you are one of these hard working folks who insists on going it alone, here are some things to consider the next time you want to start a paint project at your home.


  1. Check the Forecast – Not every weekend is a good weekend to paint. Try to schedule this particular homeowner chore on weekends that will be rain-free and the relative humidity will be fairly low – between 40-70%. Humid, wet days are not the best time for drying and curing of paint on your home’s surfaces. While it may seem ideal that you are stuck indoors anyway if it is raining, so why not paint – do not do it.. The adhesion quality and drying time may be poor if it is not done properly.
  2. Plan for Prep Time – Many homeowners jump right into a painting project without leaving time for preparing the room. For instance, a room that will be painted should be free and clear of furniture, if possible. Walls and other surfaces should be wiped down and thoroughly cleaned. Nail holes and blemishes on the wall should be repaired, filled, and sanded. Outlet covers should be removed. All of these things take time and energy.
  3. Know the Room – Do you know the size of the room and how much primer and paint will be needed to complete the job? Do you need special paint to cover stains or markings on the ceiling? Take your measurements ahead of time to gather all needed tools such as brushes, rollers, floor coverings, tape, and paint pans in advance. Consider tricky areas such as built-ins, fireplaces, or crevices that may slow you down or require a different tool.
  4. Take Your Time – Rushing through painting a room can have disastrous consequences including: spilled paint, drips, incomplete coverage areas, messy cut-ins and the list goes on. Plan that the amount of time you think it will take and then add on some “just in case” time for unforeseen events.


If all of this does not appeal to you, then it is time to call in the professionals. Call Jerry Enos Painting at 978-546-6843, or visit our website to find out more about our painting services.

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