4 Painting Products You Never Knew You Needed

February 15, 2016

If you’re like most DIY homeowners who have no problem tackling a smaller painting project (whether or not you leave those bigger projects to the professionals like us), you may think you already know all the tools you need to get the job done. Painter’s tape, a tray, rollers, and roller covers, right? Not so fast. There’s a whole array of painting products you didn’t know you needed – especially if you’re up for not only one painting task, but many over the course of months or even years! Here’s a few added tools to think about before you begin your next painting task. While we don’t specifically endorse any product over another, we found some great tools that have been rated well among buyers.

Paint Fragrance Additive

These concentrated fragrance additives for latex or oil paint can work wonders on walls where odor is an issue, such as in homes formerly owned by smokers, multiple pets, or kitchens with heavy, long-term cooking odors. There are many scent choices that can last for weeks after application, including linen, citrus, and Gloucester’s favorite, sea breeze!


They are available online, as well as at your local Benjamin Moore paint store, and come in a variety of fresh scents. Most come in one ounce packets or bottles, and mix in with one gallon of paint or primer.

Mr. Long Arm Extension Paint Pole

For painting ceilings, stairways, or tall walls, ladders will work – but there’s always the danger of a slip and fall. For $17, you can purchase a paint pole that will remove those precarious ladders. The poles thread into the end of a standard paint roller, as well as standard broom ends – which makes this useful for not only painting, but for cleaning cobwebs or other chores.

pro pole extension pole features


The Rejuv-A-Roller

Most DIY-ers toss out their roller cover after their project is finished. But why not spend a little more on a better-quality roller that last through multiple projects, and then wash it clean after you’ve finished? The Rejuv-A-Roller does just that, and is less than $20. It’s not only cost-effective, but environmentally friendly as well – and better quality rollers not only use less paint, but make your job much easier and faster. The Rejuv-A-Roller hooks up to a standard sink. When the water runs clear, your work is done! The product only works with water-based paints, and can clean rollers from 3” to 9”.



Paint and Store Lid

Pouring from a gallon of paint can be unwieldy, wasteful, and prone to spills. Avoid that, and keep your paint fresh, with a stretchy, re-usable lid that also functions as a pouring spout.  The lid helps your paint last longer by minimizing air contact, while also avoiding the potential disaster of an overturned can. Best of all, it’s inexpensive and will last through many projects. Use with water-soluble paint only.


While some of these items can be found online, a lot are located right at your local paint store, Ben’s Paint here in Gloucester – which comes with the added bonus of professionals to give you advice on anything else you’ll need for your project.

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