Bring your Vacations Home with Paint

February 28, 2018

Have you been on a vacation lately to a tropical island paradise or perhaps a cabin in the mountains where the colors seemed richer, crisper, and more relaxing? Maybe you were mesmerized by the depth of color at a white sandy beach, found the changing colors of the warm ocean waters calming, or fell in love with the greenery in a lush rainforest. Wouldn’t it be great if we could bottle just a little bit of these hard-earned vacations and bring them home with us?


Maybe you can. Think about how the colors of your environment made you feel while on vacation. Maybe it is possible to bring a tiny piece of vacation home by changing the paint colors of your home’s interior. Let the emotion or mood are you trying to inspire be your guide to choosing your colors. Here are some examples.


  • A Resort Vibe – Remember the colors that greeted you at your vacation resort? Did you feel calmed by the colors that mimicked a fiery sunset, energized by the vibrantly painted homes on the island, or perhaps soothed by the natural hues of sand and palm trees? You can recreate this color palette in your own home to bring a little bit of your vacation back to your everyday life.
  • Ocean Paradise – Many people feel a sense of serenity while visiting the ocean. Try  embracing that feeling at home with cool or vibrant blues, soft or deep greens, and all the variations in between on the walls of your bedroom or living room.
  • Old City Feel – Did you visit the old cities of Europe or the Caribbean and fall in love with the cobblestone, brick, and stone of the historical architecture. Bring a little of that home with greys, browns, and hues that have this neutral favorite in mind.
  • Bring the Nature In – Whether you visited the mountains, beaches, or grassy fields of your vacation destination, nature was probably a key ingredient to the sense of relaxation. Choose a color that matches the nature that surrounded you on vacation.


In addition to the color palette that made your vacation so memorable, the textures and patterns probably also resonated with you. Use those ideas to add accents to each room such as bamboo, wicker furniture, or even colorful cotton throw pillows. Call Jerry Enos Painting at 978-546-6843, or visit our website to find out more.


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