2015 Paint Trends: Decorating With Coral

August 12, 2015

One of the hippest new trends in home decor this summer and fall is coral, thanks in part to its orange and pink overtones, with shade variation ranging from salmon, to pumpkin or rust. Coral elicits a summery, vintage Miami Beach feeling that will brighten and cheer up any room. But don’t limit coral to summer- as we’ll show you, it can, and should, be used year-round!


Coral can be used as an interior wall color in everything from bathrooms to kitchens to nurseries. Paired with a white rug and armchair in this case, the coral is just the right tone to avoid an oversaturated look, but isn’t so light that it loses any of its flair. It’s a brilliant color for this little girl’s room, a modern play on the traditional pink nursery.


A coral front door can also brighten up the exterior of your home, especially if you have floral accents like rhododendrons or beach roses nearby. It makes a bold, yet inviting statement, and here in New England, works well with weathered shingling or victorian design.


If the thought of a painting all four walls coral doesn’t thrill you, try an accent wall, or as seen here, even a coral ceiling with a more neutral wall coloring and white molding to provide balance.

A wonderful positive about coral is that it can work well with different design aesthetics. Perhaps the color is best known for working well in seaside cottage themed abodes, where it shines against white wood or wicker furnishings, as well as silver hardware and seashells.

For those who prefer more of a shabby chic, country style of decor, coral also pairs well with floral and pinstripe patterns as a wooden accent color, like on this porch swing:.


If a bolder sense of style is your thing, try coral paired with more exotic colors like gold and raspberry or purple. This living room shows the true depth of coral’s hue. With a Far Eastern influence, the orange-pink of coral brings a sense of tranquility but does not get lost against all the gold.


Coral accents well with beige and cream tones, as seen here.


Coral also pairs quite well with grey for a more modern contemporary look. Also, try adding mint or a very light teal as an accent color. Even a muted lime green can work with coral. It’s a versatile color, to say the least. No wonder it’s trending right now!



 Sometimes, even the smallest pop of coral can do the trick. Everything from drapes to a throw pillow – or an end table- will make the room feel warmer and lighter.

 There are many great reasons to try coral as a design aesthetic in one, or more, rooms in your house. For everything from small accents to full color rooms, it’s a trend that should stay strong and popular for years to come.

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