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Biggest Painting Mistakes Uncovered

As painting professionals, we have seen a lot of rookie mistakes. We have also been happy to fix them for our clients. We enjoy creating an aesthetically pleasing, professional paint job. Over the years some mistakes have made us laugh while others have left us scratching our heads wondering what went wrong. Here are a few of our favorite painting mistakes. 

Painting over Blemishes 

It’s really tempting to use paint as a bandaid to fix a stain or blemish on a wall or ceiling. Unfortunately, unless you find the root of the problem, clean the area, and repair it you may find yourself with a sloppily painted blemish that shows through. Be sure to always have issues resolved and repaired prior to starting your paint project. bedroom with tray ceiling

Hitting the Ceiling or Trim

Unless you are an experienced painter, you may have difficulty painting the edges or trim, especially the areas close to the floor or along the ceiling. “Cutting in” takes a steady hand or lots of wasted time taping to avoid drips and smudges. Hitting the ceiling with a roller is often caused by an unsteady hand or the lack of an extension rod to help measure out the roller. 

Forgetting to Clean and Prep 

By far, the biggest mistake that our team ends up attempting to fix is the lack of prep of the surfaces that are being painted. Be sure to fill holes and nicks with putty, then sand down the putty when it dries so that it is smooth and flush with the wall. Unfortunately, many homeowners paint over dirty walls and debris-filled corners! We have even seen spider webs painted over – leaving a rather cool web design, but not what the owners wanted to see. paint roller

Proper Care of the Paint 

Sadly, many do-it-yourselfers make the regrettable mistake of forgetting to care for the paint. We have seen this in the form of forgetting to stir paint that has sat for a long while, leaving paint cans open and causing them to dry, leaving cans open that spill, and mislabelling cans so the type and color are hard to discern for future use. 

Mistakes happen. We understand that. Thankfully, our team has years of experience in painting the interior and exterior of homes. We know what to expect, what tools are needed, and how to prep your paint project properly. Call us for a free estimate and to meet our team.