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2015 Paint Trends: Decorating With Coral

One of the hippest new trends in home decor this summer and fall is coral, thanks in part to its orange and pink overtones, with shade variation ranging from salmon, to pumpkin or rust. Coral elicits a summery, vintage Miami Beach feeling that will brighten and cheer up any room. But don’t limit coral to summer- as we’ll show you, it can, and should, be used year-round!


Coral can be used as an interior wall color in everything from bathrooms to kitchens to nurseries. Paired with a white rug and armchair in this case, the coral is just the right tone to avoid an oversaturated look, but isn’t so light that it loses any of its flair. It’s a brilliant color for this little girl’s room, a modern play on the traditional pink nursery.


A coral front door can also brighten up the exterior of your home, especially if you have floral accents like rhododendrons or beach roses nearby. It makes a bold, yet inviting statement, and here in New England, works well with weathered shingling or victorian design.


If the thought of a painting all four walls coral doesn’t thrill you, try an accent wall, or as seen here, even a coral ceiling with a more neutral wall coloring and white molding to provide balance.

A wonderful positive about coral is that it can work well with different design aesthetics. Perhaps the color is best known for working well in seaside cottage themed abodes, where it shines against white wood or wicker furnishings, as well as silver hardware and seashells.

For those who prefer more of a shabby chic, country style of decor, coral also pairs well with floral and pinstripe patterns as a wooden accent color, like on this porch swing:.


If a bolder sense of style is your thing, try coral paired with more exotic colors like gold and raspberry or purple. This living room shows the true depth of coral’s hue. With a Far Eastern influence, the orange-pink of coral brings a sense of tranquility but does not get lost against all the gold.


Coral accents well with beige and cream tones, as seen here.


Coral also pairs quite well with grey for a more modern contemporary look. Also, try adding mint or a very light teal as an accent color. Even a muted lime green can work with coral. It’s a versatile color, to say the least. No wonder it’s trending right now!



 Sometimes, even the smallest pop of coral can do the trick. Everything from drapes to a throw pillow – or an end table- will make the room feel warmer and lighter.

 There are many great reasons to try coral as a design aesthetic in one, or more, rooms in your house. For everything from small accents to full color rooms, it’s a trend that should stay strong and popular for years to come.

Every Massachusetts exterior painting and interior painting project is different, and unlike other MA interior painting companies, we will always treat your house, building, or surface as one-of-a-kind. Need help choosing paint colors? We can do that with an expert eye. Call us for a free estimate at 978-546-6843.

2015 Bathroom Color Trends You Have to Check Out

White is all right for bathrooms. We get the appeal – it’s sophisticated and sanitary, which are two qualities powder rooms ought to possess. But you can get all that and more out of 2015’s trending bathroom colors, which are at the lighter end of the spectrum but still vibrant and interesting.

“It used to be that there wasn’t a lot of color in the bathroom, so more color is definitely a newer trend,” Jamie Drake, interior style guru and author of New American Glamour, told HGTV in an interview. “You still see a lot of the white, crisp spa-like solutions, but even those often have bright accents.”

2015 bathroom color trends

In 2015, expect to find yourself surrounded by vivid pastels like lavender, peach, and sand, and bolder colors like turquoise, flamingo pink, and sapphire when locked away in the necessary room. They’re fresh and fun, with plenty of personality.

And walls aren’t the only place you’ll be seeing them! More homeowners are getting creative with things like light fixtures (think pink shades on bathroom vanity lamps) and even colored enamel handles on chrome fixtures. Iridescent accent tiles are another fun way to incorporate 2015’s colors into your bathroom décor.

Mixing color with black and white gives powder rooms an up-to-date contemporary feel. If you’re starting from an all-white place, use paint and accessories like wastebaskets and soap holders to add daring splashes of black that are easily replaced when you want to take your décor in a more traditional direction.

Ready to nix white walls? To preserve that pleasing hygienic feel when using color on bathroom walls, pair it with plenty of clean white tile and bright white fixtures. You can always repaint the walls but the tile, toilet, sink, and tub will probably be in your life for a while.

So go trendy when it comes to paint colors and timeless when it comes to fixtures for a bathroom look that’s always chic.

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The Signs It’s Time to Restore Your Deck

For years your backyard deck has been a lot like Old Faithful, i.e., reliable. It’s there when you need it in spring, summer, and perhaps fall, and waits patiently for your return during the cold winter months. But even if you’re extra careful about how you treat your wood deck, Mother Nature is a harsh mama. Every season in New England brings new worries for wood decks – leaves, scorching sun, downpours, and months of ice and snow.

deck restoration - deck refinishing company

If yours is an older house, there’s a good chance your wood deck has seen better years. Full wood deck refinishing and restoration can take care of most issues but is it time? Here are some very good reasons you might want to put refinishing a deck at the top of your to-do list sooner rather than later:

  1. Restoring a wood deck before major damage happens costs less than replacing a wood deck, and refinishing your deck will cost a LOT less.
  1. New England deck restoration is eco friendly. The greenest deck will always be the one that’s already built. If there is still life left in your wood deck, restoring it makes a lot of sense.
  1. Major problems like severe structural issues can’t be undone but sometimes you can halt deck failure in its tracks by replacing just a few boards. Wood doesn’t deteriorate overnight, which means that the maintenance you do now may let you put off deck replacement for many years.
  1. You’ve found rot. A quick inspection will show you where rot has set in. All it takes is a Philips screwdriver – use the tip to poke beams, into the joists between boards, and post brackets. There’s more than likely rot anywhere you feel “give”.
  1. Warping floor boards, loose pieces, shaky rails, and splintering are all good reasons to look into restoring your wood deck. These are the kinds of minor problems that if addressed quickly, won’t turn into bigger issues later on.
  1. Your wood deck simply looks terrible. Maybe there is peeling paint or the wood looks dry and faded – in either case, deck restoration or deck refinishing can restore the beauty of your old deck and make it look like new.

When isn’t it a good time to refinish a deck? Simply put, when the ledger is bad. Solid beams and joists and good looks aren’t much use when you should be worrying about a rotting ledger board. Similarly if any of your wood deck’s framing is bad, that needs to be addressed before you can even begin to think about restoring or refinishing a wood deck.

Is your MA, NH, or New England deck ready for those spring and summertime barbecues? We can breathe new life into even the most weather-beaten wooden deck with expert deck refinishing and restoration. Call our team at 978-546-6843 or email to discuss the details of refinishing a deck and a free estimate. You’ll be barbecuing in no time!

How To: Painting an Accent Wall

Repainting can feel drastic, especially when you’re not looking for a complete change but rather a point of interest or a shift in mood. For that, we recommend painting an accent wall. An accent wall is just a wall painted in a different color (or painted in a different pattern) than the rest of the room. It’s an easy way to add more dimensionality to a room or a space.

painting an accent wall - interior painting company MA

The nice thing about painting an accent wall is that it’s an easy DIY painting project for the layperson who has never done any interior painting before. That said, as with any painting project, it pays to think and plan ahead when you’re painting an accent wall. Here’s how to get started after you’ve chosen your wall:

1. Choose a color palette. You want to be careful here because presumably you’re not starting from scratch – unless your walls are white you need to take your other wall colors into consideration when choosing an accent wall color. You can be as subtle or as bold as you like when making your choice, but a good rule of thumb is to choose a color on the opposite side of the color wheel if you’re want a dramatic accent wall or choose a color a few shades darker than your other walls for a more subdued look.

modern wallpaper - funky wallpaper

2. Decide whether your wall will have a simple eggshell finish or maybe even a pattern. A striped accent wall is a trendy and fun choice, and other options include textured paint, a stenciled wall or a repeating pattern made with sponges or specialty paintbrushes. One word of caution, however. While the options for finishes and patterns are near endless, first-timers should consider starting with regular interior paint. Choosing accent wall colors can be hard enough!

how to paint an accent wall - interior painting company MA

3. Prep your room. One night thing about painting an accent wall is that you don’t have to clear a whole room or cover every last piece of furniture. Simply move everything against and near that wall toward the far wall, cover the floor a few feet out from the wall, and tape the wall and ceiling. Don’t forget to take outlet cover plates off and tape off the outlets themselves. A little protection goes a long way toward a perfect paint job!

4. Prime, prime, prime! This step is especially important if you’re painting a light color over a dark one or using very saturated primary colors – which tend to have less coverage per coat. In the latter case, opting for a tinted primer can save you from having to apply fourth, fifth, and sixth coats to get adequate coverage.

painting accent walls - interior painting company MA

5. Finally, begin painting. You should begin by painting around the edges of your wall, feathering outward. Don’t overdo it with paint because you want to avoid drips and paint actually dries and cures better when it is applied in multiple thin coats. Next, use a roller to fill in the wall itself, making sure to overlap your strokes with the paint you applied around the edges. Then stop, fix yourself an icy cold beverage and give the whole first coat a chance to dry before applying a second – and possibly even a third – coat.

Every Massachusetts exterior painting and interior painting project is different, and unlike other MA interior painting companies, we will always treat your house, building, or surface as one-of-a-kind. Need help choosing paint colors? We can do that with an expert eye. Call us for a free estimate at 978-546-6843.

Reasons to Consider Epoxy Floors Indoors

Thinking about epoxy flooring probably calls to mind auto shops or commercial kitchens. You’re likely not thinking about living rooms, dens, bathrooms, and interior hallways. But as modern interior flooring goes, epoxy actually brings a lot of good things to the table!

First, it dries ultra hard, and it’s seamless, waterproof, and durable. It also has a fresh, modern look that a lot of people love and the color options available are nearly endless.

Installation of interior epoxy flooring is actually simple and fast. The application process is a lot like painting – floors are prepped and primed before the epoxy is applied. Then there is a curing period. Floors are quickly dry to the touch and very firm within the first twelve hours. After a day, the actual strength of epoxy becomes evident and by a week after the application, the total strength and durability of epoxy flooring is clear.

exposy floors indoors - interior epoxy floors

We’re seeing more homeowners opt for interior epoxy floors for mod finished basements, chic easy care kitchens, and bathrooms that look like they’re straight out of a spa. It’s an obvious choice for rooms where moisture is an issue. But it’s also amazing in high traffic areas where scratching or staining is a concern because epoxy is much harder wearing than wood or laminate and a lot easier to care for than either carpet or rugs.

It’s also just plain cooler than tile flooring, which tends to be laid out in plain rows in a single color. Epoxy flooring comes in a wide range of hues and can even be put down in artistic patterns. It can be made to look like marble or granite as in epoxy terrazzo flooring. Epoxy can even be mixed with different coatings to provide either texture or visual interest.

Don’t let epoxy’s industrial uses scare you off! Look around your home and ask yourself whether this brilliantly colored, hard-wearing option might be right for you and your family.

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Modern Wallpaper: A Little Funky and a Lot of Fun

Wallpaper is back with a vengeance among decorators and design-obsessed homeowners. Forget associations with outdated interiors, this wall covering is finally enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to bold patterns, saturated colors, amazing textures, and advancements that have made applying wallpaper easier.

People are looking to wallpaper to provide drama, warmth, and above all, personality on not only their walls, but also on doors and even ceilings.

So what does wallpaper have that paint doesn’t? The ability to draw the eye! Directional patterns can help you create a focal point in a room without a lot of architectural details. Wallpaper that travels up walls onto the ceiling can actually make small rooms feel bigger because there’s no hard stop where wall and ceiling meet.

modern wallpaper - funky wallpaper

And wallpaper has serious personality. The wallpapers out now are embracing 1960s patterns but with modern color combinations and sharper designs. Purples, blues, and geometric prints are hot. But for accent walls – a great way to dip your toe into the world of wallpaper – some homeowners are choosing playful patterns (think bikes or hot air balloons) in grownup hues. Ditto for wallpaper in unexpected places like inside cabinets and on stair risers.

There are wallpapers for every age group and every persona, and lots of interesting places in the average home are just begging to be papered. Small accent pieces with bold graphic patterns that can be easily swapped out let you play with wallpaper in every room. Coordinate these tiny touches with patterned throw pillows and rugs. Or go big with a single wall size image like an oversized botanical on a single hallway wall for an unforgettable accent.

And finally, don’t be afraid to mix paper and paint! Modern decorating is all about the contrast and mixed media and materials. So why not have fun with it?

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Painting a Ceiling? You Need These Tips!

When tackling interior painting projects, it can help to think of the ceiling as the fifth wall. A fresh coat of white – or even a favorite color – can do wonders for a room. Depending on what hue you choose the ceiling can make a space feel cozier or grand and expansive. A colored or patterned ceiling can add visual interest. And a newly painted ceiling just looks fresher because after ten years or so, ceiling paint gets just as faded and stained as wall paint.

painting a ceiling how to

If you’re thinking about painting a ceiling yourself, know that it’s a doable project. You’ll get great results if you use the tips we’ve outlined below.

  • Neatness counts, but this isn’t the time to see how neat you can be. Prep the room by covering all furniture and the floor with canvas or plastic tarp. If you don’t want to have to work around furniture, take the time to remove it from the space you’ll be painting. The hour you spend schlepping furniture may mean you can finish your painting project more quickly since you’re not trying to contort yourself around tables and armchairs.
  • Have your materials ready. Lay out everything you need. While good ventilation is a must and probably means leaving the door open, treat your project like a lock-in. Make sure you have your tools at hand so you don’t actually have to leave the room until it’s break time.
  • Make it a point to protect yourself from paint. While paint in your hair won’t be the end of the world, a simple ball cap will keep you from having to do heavy duty shampooing later. And goggles are a good idea because paint in your eyes – a very real possibility when you’re painting a ceiling – can be harmful.

cutting in ceiling paint

  • Cut in first. After taping off the wall, work around the perimeter of the room, painting the first four inches of ceiling using a paint brush. Feather the edges of your line so you don’t end up with a noticeable edge between where you used the brush and where you’ll use a roller.
  • Once you’ve finished cutting in, you’re ready to roll. Use a fresh, brand-name roller with a 1/2″ nap every time. It’s slightly more expensive but worth it. Start rolling in one corner and then move the roller in random directions to avoid visible lines. Try also to avoid rolling over sections that have started to dry because the drying paint will be sticky and stick back to the roller.
  • To get a professional looking finish, apply at least two coats. The caveat is that you need to wait until the first coat is completely dry before starting the next coat to get smooth, even coverage.
  • Finally, consider hiring a Massachusetts interior painting professional. Painting a ceiling can be much more disruptive than painting interior walls because of the potential for mess. You may also need more specialized equipment just to reach the ceiling. If you’re excited to paint then give it a go. But if the whole thing sounds like a hassle, paying a pro can take a lot of stress off your shoulders.

painting a ceiling tips

Happy painting!

Every Massachusetts exterior painting and interior painting project is different, and unlike other MA interior painting companies, we will always treat your house, building, or surface as one-of-a-kind. Need help choosing paint colors? We can do that with an expert eye. Call us for a free estimate at 978-546-6843.

Decorating with Kelly Green

Green with envy? Your friends might just be if you decide to redecorate using this newly revived classic hue.

kelly green wall paint

Hollywood Regency-style patterns are back and with it bold and glamorous Kelly green.


Yet as striking as this deep green is, Kelly is also versatile. It is at home in tropical prints and beach house interiors – just add plenty of rattan.


It is gorgeous when paired with furniture and accessories inspired by the glamour of the 1930s.

kelly green chest

And in modern spaces? It stands out amid the white and black as a pop of color that really pops.

kelly green in the kitchen

Some call Kelly green preppy but we say it’s only as preppy as you want to be. It’s equal parts elegance and boldness – and very much a product of how it is paired.

kelly green stairs

When interior painting, only a touch is needed to make a big statement. Like a painted stair runner? Or maybe go the exterior route and put this gorgeous color on just your home’s front door?

kelly green exteriors

Sometimes less is more. And sometimes more is more. When you’re decorating with Kelly green, a little goes a long way. But a lot can go a whole lot farther if you’re up to the challenge.

Every Massachusetts exterior painting and interior painting project is different, and unlike other MA interior painting companies, we will always treat your house, building, or surface as one-of-a-kind. Need help choosing paint colors? We can do that with an expert eye. Call us for a free estimate at 978-546-6843.

On Trend Décor Updates: How to Use Black Paint Inside

inspiration-board-black-accent-wall-interior painting

Black can be such a divisive color – especially for interiors where some sing its praises but most won’t even consider it. The question is why is black so universally ignored by color lovers for inside applications? Yes, it can be overwhelming, particularly on walls, but it can also be dramatic, striking, and complex. And that’s even in small spaces where the most daring homeowner is loathe to use dark hues. Intrigued? Here are some ways you can bring black into your interior spaces without turning your home into a black hole.

  • Pair black with neon or jewel tones for balance. Think of black walls or trim as your canvas and brightly colored décor and accessories as the paint. Black may not be playing the starring role but it becomes the perfect backdrop. Just don’t overdo it in either direction. Too much color and the effect of the black is lost. Too little and the bright colors have no impact.
  • Make it shine. Black is at its most beautiful when it showcases light. There’s nothing inky about an interior that pairs black paint with big room-brightening mirrors. For trim, use high gloss black to give it some character and make it pop.
  • Do the unexpected and paint the ceiling black. High ceilings and white walls can make a space feel antiseptic. A dark ceiling adds drama, of course, but also makes the room feel much cozier. Tie it all together with a dark chair rail or dark painted window panes.
  • Paint a black accent wall. This can bring a wall forward in a long, narrow room or create a gallery-like wall on which to showcase art or treasured family portraits. The eyes of everyone who enters will naturally be drawn to your favorite pieces.
  • And finally, start small. Black is so universally shunned precisely because it is so powerful. To get a feel for the ways you can use black in your space experiment a little bit at a time.

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Home Improvements to Tackle This Winter

retro cream - interior wall paint - MA

Just because the temperatures plunge doesn’t mean you need to put home improvement on hold. Wintertime is the best time to turn your attention to your home’s interior. The nice thing about winter home improvements is that they can be completed at a more relaxed pace because you don’t have to worry about weather causing a work stoppage. This winter, why not put these low-pressure improvement projects on your to-do list?

Refinish those doors. Smudges, scratches, dings, and dents on bedroom and other doors can make your whole house look tired. You will be shocked at how sanding and staining or painting wood doors can freshen up hallways and other spaces.

Tackle tiny to-dos. What minor repairs have you been putting off? A leaky faucet that needs fixing? Squeaky or sticky doors? A rough patch of floor? You’ll feel so great after doing just one repair that you may get through your entire list!

Add some color. Interior paint is amazingly transformative considering how little a few gallons can cost. If you don’t feel like disrupting an entire room for a splash of color, why not try an accent wall, a stripe, or even painting a piece of furniture? Bright colors are the perfect antidote to winter doldrums.

Shed some light on things. Dark rooms in winter can ruin your mood since the sun is hardly up before it starts going back down. Add a few lights in the form of track lighting, which you can aim so the darkest corners of your home become the most cheerful.

Update your backsplash. As improvements go, it sounds a bit boring, but this is a budget-friendly way to give your kitchen a facelift. Paint it, add decorative tiles, or hang a mirror. Just try something new.

Get organized. If this wasn’t on your list of 2015 New Year’s Resolutions you can still add it! Make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate and pick a closet to clean out. Then another. It can sound like a massive job – one you don’t want to even think about – but it’s easy when you do one thing at a time.

Little by little, get rid of all the old things, expired food, clothes you don’t wear, art you don’t love, and see if you don’t feel lighter and more energetic for having done so.

Spring will be here before you know it and you’ll be happier in your house for having had a productive winter!

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