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Man Cave Makeover

Does your home have a bonus room, basement room, or extra space that your husband would love to turn into his “Man Cave?” These rooms seem to be more and more popular as places to watch the “big game”, relax, and hang out with friends. So, what does it take to turn a typical room into a Man Cave that your husband with enjoy for years to come? Here are a few suggestions.


  • Start with Paint – The color palette that you choose for a Man Cave sets the tone for how the room will look overall. Darker colors seem to be popular as they are perceived as masculine and make a room look warm and welcoming for friends. These rooms, typically meant for entertaining. do not need to be dark and gloomy, however. Many homeowners are choosing lighter and brighter colors for the walls, and then adding darker colors through furniture and decor. Talk to a Jerry Enos Painting Color Specialist to discuss what you would like for the backdrop to your Man Cave.
  • Consider Furnishings – What will the room be used for? If you plan to watch sports, you may want to invest in reclining comfy chairs that can hold beverages and snacks. If you plan to host poker or pool nights, consider finding speciality tables that coordinate with the colors you have chosen for the room. (Not all pool tables come in green anymore).
  • Consider Extras – Is your husband a beer or wine connoisseur? Adding extras, like a beer tap or brewing station, may be the focal point of his favorite room. For those who are looking for a place to keep up with the many sports, consider mounting several televisions to the walls so that there is no need for channel surfing. Then, go the extra mile and automate everything in the room.


Need help deciding on the perfect color for your Man Cave? Call Jerry Enos Painting for a consultation at 978-546-6843 or visit our website to find out more.

A Peek into the 2018 Color Trends

How often do you paint the interior or exterior of your home or business? Some homeowners and business owners paint the interior and exterior every few years, while others enjoy painting more often to keep up with the latest color trends. Paint is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to change the entire look of a room or building. If you are looking for a change in 2018, here are some of the color trends from Benjamin Moore Paints, our choice for quality paints and primers. Check out some of the hues you may want this coming year in our quick peek into the 2018 color trends.


Benjamin Moore has just released their color of the year for 2018. It is called Caliente AF-290 and is described as strong, radiant, and full of energy. In the red family of the color wheel, this hue will pop at front doors, contrast to white trim, and look amazing as an accent wall in any number of rooms. Also released is the Color Forecast for 2018, including two rose colors. A lighter one called Pleasant Pink, and a darker tone called Texas Rose. Both are not too bright or garish. In addition to the rose colors are a total of 23 colors that will make your home or business beautiful. One of our favorites is the Wolf Gray that gives off an air of sophistication and professionalism.


Which one is your favorite? Visit Benjamin Moore for a closer look at the 2018 Color Trends, and call Jerry Enos Painting 978-546-6843 to schedule an appointment to get one of these into your home or business.


Transform your Workshop with Epoxy

Do you have a workshop, garage, or business that requires that the flooring be easy to maintain yet durable all at the same time? Epoxy floor coatings from Jerry Enos Painting can transform your concrete garage floor, workshop, or company work area into a into a comfortable work space that is aesthetically pleasing, amazingly durable, and easy to clean. Whether you are considering a residential or commercial application of epoxy, there are many benefits that can help change your ugly concrete flooring into a functional, durable, and professional looking space.


Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

  • Durable – The hardened and thick application that you get from epoxy creates a coating that is very durable and resilient to impacts such as: chipping, chemical spills, stains, and surface abrasion. Workshops, garages, and industrial areas tend to be places where tools and equipment are fairly heavy. There are no concerns if that equipment falls, breaks, or scrapes against the epoxy – it can handle that.
  • Easy Cleaning – Epoxy is not porous so cleaning is as easy as a brush down or mop up.
  • Safety – Epoxy coatings are also resistant to slippage, temperature, and even fire. That means a safer environment for your home or place of business.
  • Professional Looking – Epoxy finishings come in a variety of colors and can be painted with safety lines for businesses that need to denote safe distances from equipment.
  • Brightness – Epoxy high gloss finishes are usually reflective, which can make workspaces look and feel brighter. This may mean an improvement in lighting for workshops that have few windows.
  • Time Savings – Epoxy installation is fast and the curing time is minimal so your home, workshop, or industrial plant will have minimal downtime.


Are you considering transforming your workshop, garage, or commercial area with epoxy? Call Jerry Enos Painting to find out more of how this product can benefit you. Call us at 978-546-6843, or visit our website to find out more.

Paint for Personality

Some homes naturally have a personality of their own, whether it is due to eye-catching architectural features or special details that are often present in older, historical homes. Some homes even have a special way of presenting themselves merely due to the natural landscaping in the environment around the home. So what if your home doesn’t seem to have that natural personality? How can you create a personality that you desire within your home? At Jerry Enos Painting, we believe you can “Paint for Personality” by tailoring your home’s color palette to suit your distinctive personality. Here are a few suggestions.


  • Consider the Intent of a Room – Are you contemplating painting a den that you want to be cozy, warm, and inviting? Or perhaps you are painting a bathroom that you want to be serene and calming? Or even still, a formal dining room that you want to look traditional and sophisticated? Consider the personality you want the room to have before you even look at a color swatch.
  • Consider YOUR Personality – Are you adventurous, quiet, conservative, modern, traditional, outdoorsy, or relaxed? Think first about what parts of your personality you want to portray in your home? When a visitor enters your home, do s/he say, “This house is so you!”  Or does it feel like a decorator came in and took over during the painting process. Be sure the colors you pick reflect a little bit of yourself.
  • Consider Doing the Unexpected – Using what you have decided on, what the intent of the room is, and how you want to portray your personality, think about how you want to tailor your painting to show these off. For example, how can you incorporate intent and personality into your color choices? You could do this through a bold accent wall, patterns or stripes, textures or sheen.
  • Consider a Professional – Many homeowners get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing paint colors. Jerry Enos Painting has a color specialist who can help you make those decisions, taking into account your personality, intent for the room, and other factors.


Call Jerry Enos Painting for a consultation at 978-546-6843 or visit our website to find out more.


Choosing Paint Colors Made Easy

Have you ever noticed that you are naturally attracted to certain colors? According to marketing professionals, color accounts for 60 percent of our response to an object or a place. This can explain why advertising experts use specific colors to get consumers to buy products. This type of color psychology is widely studied when it comes to the branding of businesses, but what about when it comes to choosing the colors to paint your home’s interior walls and surfaces? How can color psychology be used to help you choose the paint colors you will love and be happy with for a long time? Here are some suggestions from the professionals at Jerry Enos Painting.

Get Inspired – Too many homeowners start with a color they think they should use, like a neutral or muted hue. Some homeowners start their painting with inspiration from a picture, a favorite place or something in nature. We suggest getting inspired to find a color that really speaks to you. For example, Jerry Enos Painting has a portfolio page full of examples to get you started and many paint stores now offer inspiration room images to help you picture what you want your room to look like.
Test It Out – Once you have a color family in mind, start by purchasing small testing samples to see what saturation of a certain color will look like on your walls. For example, if you choose a blue there are a million saturation levels of blue that range from green-blue to grey-blue and all the points in between. Test out the color on several walls so that the sun can hit it at different times of the day before you make a final decision on a color.
Consider Mood – When choosing the color palette you want to use in a room, consider what type of mood you want to portray. For example, do you want the mood to be festive and lively for entertaining, or serene and peaceful for quiet evenings at home. The mood may help you narrow down a color choice.
Consider Lighting – What sun exposure does the room have? If it is in the full sun most of the day you may be able to use a darker color and not have it impact the brightness of the room, whereas if the room only gets late day sun, you may want something to lighten the room.

Do you need help choosing an interior color for the rooms in your house? Call Jerry Enos Painting at 978-546-6843, or visit our website to find out more.