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The Heart of your Home – The Kitchen


The kitchen is the number one gathering place for family. In fact, most homeowners maintain that even during the holidays, birthday parties and other gatherings that everyone ends up in the kitchen at some time or other. If your kitchen is often the hub of activity for friends and relatives, then you will want the color choice to inspire and “wow” everyone who enters it.

The good news is that there are are certain colors that work best in specific rooms. When it comes to kitchens, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green really shine. Each of these shades can do something different for the room, but they all help create a warm and welcoming space. The choice is ultimately yours, but keep in mind these questions as you choose from the wide assortment on the color wheel.

  • What message do you want to send to your family, friends and guests? Do you hope to stimulate appetite? Red may be a good choice then. If you want to convey the look of a crisp and clean area, you may want to choose hues of white or gray with a pop of color on the backsplash.
  • What rooms are adjacent or feed into the kitchen? If your home is like many newer homes, a Great Room feeds into or opens into the kitchen. If this is the case, you will want to consider coordinating colors with this room as you will want to both have flow but also differentiate each area.
  • What is your personality? Are you more of a traditionalists or are you willing to try something new? Colors in the kitchen can showcase your personality. Choose a color palette that will make you happy. Keep in mind that painting the kitchen doesn’t just mean painting the walls, the cabinetry can be painted to change the entire look of your kitchen.


Call Jerry Enos Painting to set up a free estimate and get going on giving the heart of your home a new look.


Mood and Color


The hue of the walls in your home or business are a direct reflection of your personality and can influence the mood of the people who are in the room. Think about it. Many times our mood matches the environmental surroundings without even realizing it. For example, the weather influences our moods greatly. Think about how many times your have been in a gloomy mood because the weather was gray and cloudy, been happy and positive because the sun was shining and the sky was blue? Wall color can influence our moods and thoughts in much the same way.


Certain colors (or groups of colors) tend to get a similar reaction from most people; the variations come from the shades or tones used. This is why it’s so important to choose colors wisely when it comes to decorating. Color trends will come and go, but the general mood elicited from certain colors will most likely remain the same.


Before you begin painting any room consider the mood that you hope to create. Here are just a few example of color psychology to consider when painting your home.


  • Red – Red raises a room’s energy level so be sure you use it in a room that you are hoping to stimulate conversation or action. An entryway, living room or main living area are good places for red since you probably are not searching for a tranquil color in those areas.
  • Blue – Blue is considered a calming color that can bring blood pressure down and create a soothing atmosphere. Bathrooms and bedrooms are good locations for this hue if you are going for a “serene” mood.
  • Green – Green is considered restful and cool and may be a good choice for rooms you wish to unwind in. Living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms make for excellent places for this hue.
  • Yellow – Yellow sets the mood for positivity and joy. Choose this color or tones of this color in kitchens, computer rooms and entryways. While yellow is a cheery color, too much can bring out anger so choose wisely and maybe opt for accent walls or trims in yellow.


Call Jerry Enos Painting if you need help from our professional color consultant to choose the color for the mood you want to reflect.

Summer is Here, Time to Paint!


Now that the weather has warmed up and summer is in full swing, it is time to consider sprucing up your home. What better way than to paint your exterior that is looking a little faded or, worse yet, is peeling. While painting the general exterior is a good place to start, there are several detail features that you should not forget. Here are a few ideas to take your exterior painting from tiresome to sensational!

  • The Front Door – While you are painting the exterior of your home or business, be sure to include the front door as a part of that job. A new color that pops on the front door, can give your home or office an altogether new appearance. Pick a color that is new and exciting or classic and traditional. Either way, Jerry Enos Painters will be sure it looks amazing.
  • The Shutters – For homes that have wooden shutters, you will want to repaint periodically as they can fade and peel. Shutters can nicely add finishing touches to a home. Choose a color that coordinates with your main painting color or one that pops to create visual interest.
  • Window Surrounds – Does your home have architectural details such as window surrounds?  Then play up that detail in a contrasting or complementing hue. It will give your home depth and dimension. If you do not have surrounds, consider painting the window boxes or trim a complementary color that will draw the eye to each window.
  • Mailbox, Lamppost or Swing – The devil is in the details they say. These little details can make your home painting project stand out above the rest. The mailbox, lamppost and front porch swing may get forgotten in a large job, but Jerry Enos Painting knows how to bring out these small details to make your home look exceptional.


Now that summer has arrived, it is time to call Jerry Enos Painting to set up your home painting project that will make your house look fresh and new.

Design Ideas for your Breakfast Nook


There is nothing better than starting your morning lingering over a cup of coffee, and the daily newspaper at your kitchen table with lots of natural light. This sounds idyllic but for many of us, mornings are anything but relaxing. The chaos of preparing lunches for the kids and preparing yourself for the day can be a bit overwhelming. A well designed and decorated breakfast nook can set a relaxing tone that will start your day off right. Here are some ideas for a color palette, decorative touches and design for your cozy breakfast nook.


  • Cheery Colors – Large or small, your breakfast nook should be cheery and mood lifting first thing in the morning. Soft yellows, blues or whites that coordinate with the adjacent rooms, especially the kitchen, would be a great place to start.
  • Dual Purpose Seating – Many homeowners are working with minimal space, so try using seating with a dual purpose. For example a built-in bench seating can be used for both storage and can still look comfy with the right upholstery and pillows.
  • Let in the Light – Breakfast nooks should be bright and sunny, so consider minimal window covering and keep them casual rather than a formal look of your dining room. If your breakfast nook does not get morning light, add unique lighting over the table in the form of pendants or hanging lights.
  • Choose a Theme – For homeowners who have a separate area for a kitchen nook, consider a theme. For example, a country theme with furniture that is comfortable and uses reclaimed wood as well as decorative touches that bring out your theme. A beach theme can use natural colors as well as signs and images from your favorite vacation spot.


If you need help choosing the right color palette for your kitchen nook call Jerry Enos Painting for our professional color consultant and get started on your cozy morning coffee spot today!  


Five Most Common Painting Mistakes

Let’s face it, homeowners can make a variety of mistakes in areas from lawn care to decorating their living rooms. However, to make really long lasting mistakes can haunt your wallet. In our line of business we have seen it all, but here are some of the most common mistakes that makes us shake our heads and wonder why they didn’t call us first. Let’s take a look at common painting mistakes.


  • Lack of Prep – Prepping to paint a room takes a whole lot more than most people realize. Clearing the room of furniture, wiping down the walls, covering the floor and taping areas off are just a few of the steps needed to start the process off properly. Some prep mistakes we have seen include: floors that become stained by paint drops, spider webs painted into corners and electrical outlets gunked with paint.
  • Skimping on Paint Tools – High quality brushes and rollers may cost a bit extra but there is a reason why professional painters swear by them. Good brushes and roller covers give better coverage and save you on paint in the long run. A common problem with cheaper products is that the knap can come off on the wall and cause clumps and bumps that are unsightly.
  • Skipping the Primer –The purpose of the primer is pretty straightforward. Primer covers flaws in the surface and gives you a smooth, long-lasting finish. Without primer, coverage can be spotting and even missing in some areas. A lack of primer may mean you spend more on the actual paint as it is doing the job of both the primer and the final coat.
  • Painting Over Wallpaper – While it may seem tempting to skip the wall paper removal process and just paint over old wallpaper, it will come back to haunt you in the not too distant future. Not only do homeowners risk having the paper peel or decay, but painting without water based paints can lead to whole other problem later.
  • Cutting Corners on Clean Up – At the end of any painting job no one wants to clean up. You are tired and the last step of washing and cleaning brushes and rollers may seem tedious, but skipping this step may mean you ruin the brush or roller and will need to purchase new products the next time you paint.


Want to avoid common homeowner mistakes. Start by calling Jerry Enos Painting and hand the job over top our professionals.