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Creating a Retreat In The Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is your domain. It should be a retreat from all the stresses of your day including children, work and chores. In order to make it your getaway, take a little time to create a mood with furnishings, accents and, of course, a color palette on the walls and architecture that will bring out the beauty of your master bedroom. Here are a few design and color ideas to get you started on creating a retreat in your master bedroom.

  • Color Choices – The first thing you should think about when planning a bedroom sanctuary is the color scheme that will set the tone for the entire room. Soft neutrals, serene pastels or tranquil greens or blues can make for a spa-like feeling when you enter the master. Try avoiding dramatic colors that raises heart rates and tends to put homeowners on edge. Rather visit our portfolio of rooms on the Jerry Enos Painting website or schedule an appointment with our professional color consultant.
  • Create Nooks – A master bedroom retreat should have an area for sitting and lounging with a good book, in a casual and comfy chair or window seat. Create distinct areas that encourage relaxation.
  • Let There Be Light – Let nature in as a form of creating a tranquil environment. Choose sheer curtains and allow the sun to warm your room. Place easy-to-care-for plants around the room to add a level of texture and color.
  • Accents – Clear your bedroom of items that remind you of work or creates clutter. The less paperwork, toys, and work items that enter, the better the design. See the master as your true escape where laptops, emails and all indications of chores-yet-to-be-done are out of sight. Instead, decorate your master with things that show off your vacations, family members, or pictures you love. Bring all of your favorite things into your bedroom that make you happy.


Call Jerry Enos Painting for more master bedroom ideas and talk to our experts about what color may turn your bedroom into a getaway!


Creating a Mood in Your Den or Family Room


The design and function of the den, or family room, has come a long way since the days of the iconic 1970’s television show the Brady Bunch, where a few chairs and coffee table made up the entire design of the room. Today’s dens and family room are multipurpose and lush with design features that can showcase a homeowners personality and hobbies. Families use dens for movie nights, entertaining, sleepovers, an area to do homework and a cozy gathering place for loved ones. With all these functions it is no wonder homeowners are seeking out help with choosing the right color palette to be all those things rolled into one.

Things to consider when making this decision:


  • What mood do you want to set in the den or family room?
  • What is the main function of the room?
  • Are you looking for something electric or more cohesive?
  • Do you want to portray a theme like the beach, mountains, travel, or possibly a nature theme?
  • Are you looking for something sophisticated and elegant or something more comfortable and laid back?


Once you have considered these questions you will want to meet with a Jerry Enos Painting professional color consultant who can help you decide on a color or color palette that will represent the mood you want, your personality and the overall design of the room. If you are just at the beginning of your color choice, journey check out the inspiration rooms on the Benjamin Moore website as well as the portfolio we provide on our website at Jerry Enos Painting.

Color Palette For The Home Office

With the advancement of technology and the resurgence of small at-home businesses, more and more people have the capability to work remotely from the comfort of their own home. This can be a major luxury especially if a long commute was once part of your work day. Having a home office means that there needs to be a place that is professional looking and conducive to high productivity.

Working from home may sound heavenly and conjure up images of sitting in pajamas all day while pecking away at a keyboard. This is not exactly reality. People who work from home often are part of video conferencing with other team members or clients. Therefore, the mood and tone of the at home office must be one of professionalism. That is where a polished home office color palette comes into play.

Jerry Enos Painting and our color consultant can work with you to choose a hue that will send a clear message of respectability to clients and team members alike. Since most entrepreneurs who work from home spend more time in the home office than any other room in the house, it is important to choose wisely. Many experts advise considering a few items before choosing the color palette in your home office.

  • Branding – Do you want the color scheme to match your brand? If your brand color is too flashy or bold maybe make that an accent color instead of saturating the entire room in the color. While painting your office the colors of your brand is not always required, it is something you should weigh before making a final choice. This is especially true if clients will be visiting.
  • Productivity– Different colors bring out different moods and levels of productivity. Color experts recommend the color blue for optimum productivity, neutrals or soft blues to create a soothing effect and red to get the heart rate going. What mood and work environment do you want to have in your home office?
  • Background – If your business does lots of skyping or video conferencing consider the color that will be your background each time your face comes up on a client’s screen. You may want to avoid bright colors or greens that can wash out your coloring.


If you need help choosing a color that will coordinate with your business needs for your home office call Jerry Enos Painting today.

Replace or Refurbish Your Deck?

In New England, where there are precious few weeks of warm weather to entertain outdoors, it is important to inspect your deck and patio area annually to see if it is time to replace it or refurbish it. Jerry Enos Painting offers power washing, repair and refurbishing of decking and patio areas so you can get the most out of the warm months in the northeast.

Before you fire up the grill every spring and summer season, do a thorough inspection of the decking. Are there any nails that are sticking out? Do you see any rotting wood or warped boards? Is the railing secure? How are the footers doing? Decks and patios are meant to last for a long time but only with proper maintenance. Even the strongest hardwoods can succumb to the elements if not cared for correctly. A full replacement can be expensive so check these warning signs before you make a decision between repair or replace.


  • Deck Posts – Before deciding on repairing or replacing your deck, check the base of the deck where it goes into the ground. Standing water or rotting wood around the deck post should be a sign that you may need to replace that post or repair it. Posts that show signs of rot should be replaced immediately, as they can break without warning, and could cause an injury to anyone standing on the deck.
  • Joists – Check under the deck to be sure the main joists are still in good condition and not showing signs of rot or fatigue. If these are still solid and the deck posts are fine, then most patio areas just need a facelift including a good stripping, sanding and restaining.
  • Deck Surface and Railings – Once you have looked at the posts and joists, check the general condition of the railings for any loose areas as well as issues on the surface of the deck. For many homeowners, the surface can get old or tired looking due to weather conditions but that can be resolved in a very affordable way –– power washing or stripping the wood and a quality top coat.

If your outdoor area is looking worn down, consider calling Jerry Enos Painting to discuss giving it a much needed facelift and refurbishing this spring or summer. We can have it looking like new in no time so you can go on enjoying your outdoor entertaining area.

Decks – an Extension of Your Home

How many rooms does your house have? What if I told you that you could increase that number and create an extension to your home just by caring for and properly maintaining your deck and patio area? There are many styles of outdoor furnishing, accent pieces and  lighting options out there from which to choose to add square footage to your home. With annual maintenance and clever accessorizing, your patio or deck could become an outdoor room where you can entertain, relax or enjoy a meal.

What would you need to do to get your deck or patio area “entertainment ready?” Let’s take a look at some of the trends on making your backyard an extension of your home, as well as what Jerry Enos Painting can do to help you get that extra square footage during the warmer months.

  • Deck or Patio Restoration – Before you start thinking about an expensive re-design of your outdoor area consider restoring the wood or having a professional power washing to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Jerry Enos Painting can repair, clean, and refinish your outdoor deck to like-new condition so you can spend the warm months enjoying the outdoors instead of avoiding splinters and warped boards. Depending upon your specific needs, we can strip the wood to reveal the unsullied wood beneath and then seal it with a high quality clear or tarnished coating. If repair is not needed we can power wash to clean up the dirt and grime that probably settled in during the snowy months. Power washing is also a great idea for brick pavers on your patio!
  • Furnishings – Depending on your personal tastes, homeowners can create a cozy sitting area around a fire pit or al fresco dining area. There are hundreds of styles of furnishings to choose from including sectionals, love seats, swings, hammocks and the list goes on and on. Choose the pattern and colors you love with outdoor carpeting and pillows to match!
  • Lighting – From twinkle lighting to full landscape lighting, your backyard room can be illuminated to the level of your needs. Choose from safety lighting around your pool or garden to mood lighting around the conversation areas. The choices are endless.
  • All the Bells and Whistles – Once you have your deck and patio properly maintained and furnishings and lighting chosen, now you can go crazy with outdoor sound, a movie screen, an outdoor bar, or maybe a hot tub to work out all those aches and pains of the day.

Call Jerry Enos Painting to get yourself started on making your deck or patio a beautiful extension of your home today.