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Top Reasons Your Home Needs a Power Wash

New England homes are exposed to the whims of Mother Nature from the heat and ultraviolet rays of the summer to the salt, snow and harsh temperatures of the winter months. While our homes are designed to deal with the unpredictable weather associated with our region, they still need maintenance and care on a regular basis. A thorough power wash can be a great solution to the buildup of grime, dirt, mildew, moss and stains on the exterior of our homes and businesses. Why should you choose power washing? Here are a few reasons:


  1. Preventative Maintenance – Just like maintaining other parts of your home or business, power washing can save you money on costly repairs due to damage to the surface of your exterior. Neglected siding, shingling or decking can result in damaged wood or vinyl that can be costly to replace or repair. Prevent those bills by routinely having an expert power wash your home or business.
  2. Maintain Property Value – Your home or business is probably your biggest investment so maintain its beauty and ultimately its value by keeping mildew, mold and dirt at bay with an annual power washing. According to the National Association of Realtors, a pressure washed house can increase your property value by $10,000-$15,000.
  3. Protect Your Health -Just as dirt and grime can attach to your home, so can allergens that can make your family sick or at least fairly miserable during pollen and other high allergen seasons. A professional power wash can remove allergens and keep your family healthy.

Rejuvenate – Wood, concrete, vinyl, brick, and other surfaces can begin to look old and worn down from the sun’s rays and snow melt products, so consider a professional power wash to rejuvenate the surface. Restore the original color and beauty to the surface that will make you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

5 Advantages of Choosing Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring products are attractive and durable flooring solutions that can be used in residential, industrial or commercial buildings. Jerry Enos Painting offers both water-based and 100% solid epoxies in addition to traditional solvent-based coatings. The overall appearance can range from smooth, high-gloss finishes to positive non-skid surfaces. This type of flooring is a great choice for basements, garages, labs, showrooms, schools, hospitals, workshops and anywhere that requires durability, fire- and chemical resistance, dent resistance, and easy maintenance. Wondering if an epoxy floor is right for your property? Here are some of the advantages to choosing epoxy flooring over other flooring solutions.


  • Stain Resistant – Workshops, garages and other types of commercial properties are meant to be used for messy work that may involve chemicals that can stain traditional cement or industrial flooring. Epoxy floors are meant to clean up easily and maintain a nice appearance regardless of the spill.
  • Hard-Wearing – Epoxy floors are seamless, strong and long lasting. These high performing surfaces can last years and years.
  • Increased SafetyEpoxy floor coating products can improve safety by creating a non-slip surface that is also heat and fire resistant. In addition, the high gloss floor coatings can also improve brightness in a work area by 300%.
  • Customizable – By using different colors, epoxy floor coverings can designate work areas, safety zones and even differentiate between walkways and machine areas. Each flooring is customizable to your needs.
  • Cost Effective – With little to no maintenance needed on epoxy floors and the overall lifespan of the surface, epoxy floors tend to be an affordable flooring solution.

Why Your Business Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

When clients pull up to your store or office, what type of environment are they experiencing? Is your building pleasing to the eye? Is it clean, bright and fresh? Customers, clients and employees are partial to friendly looking, well-kept, and visually appealing businesses. A fresh coat of paint for the interior or exterior of your businesses can be a whole lot more than routine maintenance, it can actually add value to your business, increase productivity, add curb appeal and potentially attract new customers!


  1. Curb Appeal – No one wants to have their company be seen as dingy or dirty, but sometimes after years of neglect paint can chip, peel and become discolored. A new coat of paint can bring new life to an exterior that needs attention. Maintaining a picture perfect exterior can greatly increase the attention given to your building, which in turn can attract new clients.
  2. Increased Morale – There are countless studies that suggest a clean, bright and well-maintained work environment is directly correlated to employee morale, productivity and retention. Whether you decide to paint the exterior, interior or both, your office space will look new and fresh. Employees that are feeling positive work harder for you and make a more positive impact on clients.
  3. Brand Awareness – In the world of marketing, color has long been associated with brands. If your office still has white walls and no personality, maybe it is time to consider painting as a way of branding your product or service. The right color palette can influence human emotions and make them have positive associations with your brand name.
  4. Aesthetics and Trends – No one wants their business to look old, or outdated. Create a mood conducive to your brand that is in alignment with current trends. For example, have you ever notice that tech companies tend to use bold colors and edgy designs to appear innovative? Spas tend to choose soothing colors to encourage relaxation. Clients notice when things are worn or need updating so making painting your business a top priority.


Are you Ready for Outdoor Entertaining?

The smell of the grill, the laughter of friends and the warmth of the fire pit are just a few of the things we have been dreaming about all winter long, right? Spring is here and summer is right around the bend, which means it’s time for outdoor entertaining!


However, just because the calendar has turned to spring doesn’t mean you are ready for the patio party season to begin. Have you checked out the condition of your deck or patio? Does the area need some revitalizing or a bit of sprucing before you invite all your friends and family for the traditional summer barbecues? Here are 3 of the ways Jerry Enos Painting can help you get ready to fire up the grill!


  • Power Washing – Snow melt products and heavy shoveling can cause serious damage to decks and patios. Pressure washing actually rejuvenates wood, concrete, vinyl, brick, and other surfaces by removing entire layers of built-up dirt and particulates, oil, gum, and other gunk. Stripping away the grunge to reveal the unsullied surface below actually protects that surface from future rot and UV damage. We can power wash your deck, walkways, patio area or the exterior facade of your home to make it look clean and new!
  • Deck Refinishing – After several seasons exposed to the elements, the wood on a deck can begin to look old, discolored and in need of some serious TLC. We can strip and seal your deck to protect it and bring back its natural beauty. In stripping the deck we remove the dead fibers to reveal the fresh, unsullied wood underneath. Then we seal it with a high quality, hard wearing clear or tinted penetrative coating. The like-new condition of your deck will have friends and relatives wondering if you installed a new deck!  
  • Exterior Painting – Jerry Enos Painting can prep, prime and paint any exterior structure including your home, garage or sheds. The damaging effects of salt, moss and mildew can really do a job on exterior facades so consider contacting us for a free estimate on painting your home before the BBQ season kicks off this year!

Setting a Tone with Exterior Color Schemes

Big or small, traditional or modern, your home is where you return after a long day’s work to unwind or gather with family and friends. With all the amazing choices for exterior colors, deciding on a color scheme for your home’s exterior can be a challenge. Not only can the color choices go a long way to bring out the unique characteristics of your home, it can also show off your personality and set a tone for your style of curb appeal.  What kind of statement do you want your home to make with your color choices? Do you want the appearance to be classic, bold, modern, historically accurate, or maybe whimsical? Here are a few exterior color ideas based upon what you want the overall “look” of your home to be.


  • Classic – Does your home have a classic look? There is something to be said for the “tried-and-true” colors of traditional white with contrasting black shutters or neutral tones accented by contrasting trim in a lighter or darker hue. If your home is truly a classic–in that it is on the state’s historical register–consult your local Historical Society for a complete list of appropriate color palettes. Jerry Enos Painting has painted homes from new construction to centuries old homes. We know how to not only care for your older home, but how to carefully handle older wood and trim.
  • Modern or Bold  – If you are aiming for a modern look with a bold color palette or color accents that will “pop,” then you may want to explore the primary colors as accents to more neutral tones of grey or slate colors. Rich colors on the trim of the windows and doors as well as the front door can create a pleasant and modern look to any home’s exterior.
  • Whimsical – Cottage homes and homes in vacation areas can play with color more and get a little whimsical in the hues that are chosen. Using the colors in the pastel part of the color wheel can be relaxing and inviting. In addition, if you are aiming for whimsy you may want to choose several accent colors instead of the traditional complementary colors to add a bit of flair.