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New Trends Painting Kitchen Cabinets


Remodeling a kitchen may be way out of many homeowner’s price range. So what do they do if they need a kitchen facelift but can’t afford a complete remodel? If your old kitchen cabinets look outdated or just need a serious face lift, painting them may be the solution you are searching for – on a budget!  


Kitchen cabinet repainting is the hot new way to rejuvenate your kitchen, and all it takes is the right kind of paint, plus the help of expert painting professionals. Jerry Enos Painting has specialized in interior and exterior painting decades. We have the skills and knowledge of how to paint your kitchen cabinets so your kitchen will look like a brand new space.


Painting kitchen cabinets gives a homeowners a chance at a fresh start with a whole new color palette or an opportunity to choose a color that can coordinate existing colors of appliances, floors and counter tops. Jerry Enos Painting will take off all of your existing cabinets and hardware. Then we clean, strip and sand the cabinets. From there we prime, add a specialty coat and a final color coat for a durable finish. Add new hardware to change things up or a style that fits the tone you are looking for in what will seem like your brand new kitchen!  


Call us today to schedule a visit so we can take a look at your existing cabinets and you can begin thinking and dreaming about your new kitchen. Meet with our professional color consultant to discuss what tone or mood you want in your kitchen. Call Jerry Enos Painting today!


What To Look for in a Painter

Your home is your most precious and largest investment. When looking to protect your investment whether it is repairing, renovating or upgrading any of the aspects of your home, you want to make sure you are getting the right person for the job. When it comes to painting either the interior or exterior of your home, you will want to consider several things before making your choice. Here are five questions to ask before you hire a professional painting contractor.


  1. How Experienced or Knowledgeable is the Painting Contractor or Company?


Some painting contractors have a high employee turnover rates and thus lack the experience and knowledge that is important to doing the job right. Find out how many years the company has been in business and how they stay on top of new techniques. Professionals who are up-to-date on the latest products and techniques can make recommendations as to how to handle any unique aspects of your home or painting requests.


  1.  Can Your Painting Contractor Provide References?


Painters that are reputable should be able to give you examples of their work in the surrounding areas as well as written references from satisfied customers. We suggest also checking online reviews and the Better Business Bureau to be sure they are in good standing in the community.


  1. Is the Painting Contractor Licensed and Insured?


Find out if the painting contractor have a state-issued license, general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance? It is absolutely critical that the contractor has all necessary insurance and licenses. A reputable, licensed and insured contractor will have all the proper documents.


  1. Where does the Painting Contractor Fall When it Comes to Cost?


When hiring any contractor you will want to get several bids as to how much the whole project is estimated to cost. Look at where your painter falls in the estimates. Is the company high or low and why so? It is important not to hire solely on price as an experienced and licensed painter may use higher quality paint or guarantee their work. Have the cost be just one part of the final decision on hiring.


  1. What Type of Service Reputation Does the Painting Contractor Have?


Obviously reputation means a lot especially in the service industry. Does the painter you are hiring have a reputation of being on time and on budget? Does the company follow through from prep to clean up? Are the employees friendly and easy to talk to?  


These questions are some of the things you should consider before hiring anyone to paint your most precious and valuable possession.


Family Room Design Ideas

Is the design and mood of your family room one that invites you to put your feet up, settle in for a night of relaxing and hanging out with your family and friends?  The family room is the heart of the home. It is where everyone gathers to spend time together whether it is in front of a warm fireplace, in front of your favorite television show or to celebrate family milestones. If you are looking to take your family room from a more traditional feel to one that encourages family fun and activities then here are some tips for you.


  • Choose the Right Color Palette – If you are going for a hue that encourages family members to relax and feel comfortable, consider warm neutral shades that can not only coordinate with adjoining rooms but also allows for a wide variety of furnishings and artwork. Warm shades tend to be inviting and cozy while hues with cool undertones have a chic, modern vibe. Choose the color that sets the right mood and the tone you want to set for your family room.


  • Furnishings and Seating – If you are hoping to transform your family room into one that is inviting and where visitors will stay a while, choose furniture and seating that is comfortable and encourages people to relax. Arrange seating so that you are around a focal point like a large sofa or fireplace. Place ottomans near seating so that you are sending the message to kick up your feet and stay a while. Mix up shapes and sizes of seating but bring the design together with accent colors and fabric choices.


  • Display Your Personality – Once you have freshened up the walls with a color palette that you love, display your favorite artwork, keepsakes or family photos on the walls to make it feel homey. If you have a unique hobby or collection, showing it off in a family room will not only be a great discussion piece but will bring your hobby into the main living area.


  • Add Accent Colors – The color choice on your walls is not the only choice you will need to make in the room.  What color would you like to “pop” around the room?  Red for more a more eye catching statement, blues or soothing tones, or yellow for a splash of cheer? The choices are endless. Before you begin talk to our color consultant here at Jerry Enos Painting. We can help you make the choice that best sets the mood you are looking for in your family room.

Wallpaper Removal Headaches – Why You Need to Hire Professionals

Google the terms “Wallpaper Removal” and you will not only find pages and pages of suggestions of how to rid yourself of the gluey mess, but you will also find “Do-It-Yourself” nightmare stories of homeowners trying to remove the paper themselves. Removing wallpaper can be an extremely time consuming and messy proposition. The task can not only be physically difficult but you may end up with dinged or damaged walls if you don’t do it just right. It is for these reasons why we have put together our list of 3 reasons why you should hire Jerry Enos Painting to take care of your wallpaper removal project.


  • Time Savings – Who really wants to spend their weekends scraping wallpaper off the walls? If you have a larger home or especially difficult paper to remove or, worst case scenario, several layers of wallpaper to remove, do you really want to lose several weekends of your precious free time to get that paper down? Professionals like those on our Enos team will work carefully to get ever last bit down in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Quality Work – Proper removal is the best way to ensure that you will not need to patch dents, scrapes or gouges made by scrapers. If you plan to paint the room after the removal, making sure it is done right so that the walls remain flat and unharmed should be a top priority. Hiring our professionals means that we take the utmost care to remove the paper and keep your walls looking beautiful.


  • Money Savings – Homeowners can go through several methods and products to remove wallpaper with little to no success. Do-It-Yourself kits from local hardware stores can get pricey. Even after trying different products and methods you may still have a huge job ahead of you.


  • Less Frustration – Imagine standing on a ladder with wallpaper glue and smelly removal product running down your arm. Your muscles ache from scraping and you have miles of square footage to go yet. Save yourself the the frustration by hiring experts that can manage the setup, take down and cleanup of the entire project.


Top Four Ways To Bring Out the Beauty in Older Homes


The New England region has some stunningly beautiful older homes dating as far back as pre-colonial times. The architectural features, spacious rooms and old era charm is one-of-a-kind and won’t be found in the newer construction that we have seen in the last hundred years. So how do homeowners highlight the beauty of their older home while keeping it functional for modern life? Here are our top four suggestions of how to bring out the beauty in older homes.

  • Choose Paint Colors from the Era the Home was Built – Bring out the style of what was already there by choosing colors that coordinate with the time period of the home. Do a little research at your local historical society and find out what colors were common in homes of your house’s era. Not only will it give you a great color palette to start from, but historical pictures may give you decorating ideas as well.


  • Refurbish Rather than Remove – Many older homes have some outstanding architecture that may have worn, cracked or peeling paint. Don’t get overwhelmed about scraping, removing and sanding down the molding or trim. Some homeowners throw in the towel and remove the older components of the home that give it the charm they so adore. Jerry Enos Painting can refurbish the beautiful detail work and make it come back to life!


  • Mix the Old with the New – If you have an older home that has limited lighting or outdated appliances and are considering gutting the kitchen or another room, reconsider. Don’t be afraid to mix in modern day items like a new set of appliances for the kitchen but keep the laundry chute or stove hood that add character and charm to the room.


  • Bring Out the Details – Many older homes have high ceilings with crown moldings, detailed trims around the mantel, or handcrafted banisters. Each of these details needs to be carefully handled during painting or staining. We have been nurturing older homes for decades at Jerry Enos Painting and can work with you to choose colors that will highlight the detail work in your older home.