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Making Small Spaces Seem Bigger

We have all heard the advice not to paint a smaller room a dark color. The reason behind this is that while darker hues may be design-friendly, they may also make a room appear smaller. But, this doesn’t mean that a small room, hallway or nook needs to be bland and boring either. No need to rush out and buy all the shades of white. Instead, here are a few creative ideas to make your size-challenged room feel and look bigger than it is.

  • Use Color as a Connector Instead of a Divider – Instead of painting a room a distinctly different shade than rooms connected to it or adjacent to it, consider colors that can unite all the rooms and make it feel bigger. Different colors can divide a space and make it appear smaller while coordinating shades can elongate or heighten a room when needed. Keep in mind that softer hues can make a space seem more open, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay in the white color category.
  • Use Furniture Wisely – Many homeowners try to make a room feel more spacious by shoving all the furniture to the walls. Sometimes floating a sofa in a den or bed angled in the middle of a guest room can breathe air into a space and allow for flow around the furniture. Get creative about placement that allows for flow and movement.
  • Use Trickery – Mirrors can make a room appear a lot bigger. The reflection can not only add some depth to a space but can also help reflect more light into the room. Use a long wall mounted mirror if space is really at a premium or smaller framed mirrors for a design element.
  • Use Multi Functioning Furniture – Invest in furniture items that have more than one function such as footstools as extra seating or built in bookshelves as a storage and a display area. Finding a way to multipurpose items can mean your room can serve you in many ways.
  • Go Monochromatic – Use one hue to open and expand a space. Use varying tones or textures of the same color family to make a monochromatic look that will allow all the different planes to blend into each other.

Do you have a small space that needs a new color palette or design? Call Jerry Enos Painting and we can consult with you on how to make that space come alive and feel more spacious than it is.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter

If you are like many homeowners in the northeast region, you are probably already dreaming of spring and all the joys of being outside. You may even be looking forward to tackling some of those outdoor chores on your ever-growing “To-Do” list. If painting the interior or exterior of your home is on that list, here are a few reasons why you should put down that paint brush and hire a professional to get the job done well.

  • Professional Results – Professional painters, like our crew here at Jerry Enos Painting, have been providing exceptional painting for three decades! We pride ourselves on attention to detail, protecting the job site, and a quality job that will stand the test of time. Just about anyone can go to a home improvement store and buy paint, but professionals provide a thorough and high quality job from setup to cleanup and on every detail along the way.
  • Right Tools and Techniques – Many homeowners and business owners can paint a typical wall but handling intricate moldings, high ceiling stairwells and tricky architecture requires the right tools and techniques to get the job done neatly, safely and with a professional look. In many cases it takes a whole lot more than a bucket of paint and a brush to paint the interior or exterior of a home. Jerry Enos has the right tools to get into those hard to reach places. We also have expert techniques and years of experience handling a wide variety of architecture and textures.
  • Safety – Professional painters are used to being in tight places and on high ladders to get the job done precisely. Our painters at Jerry Enos painting have an HIC License and follow careful safety procedures. Avoid falls from a ladder or slipping on an unsecured drop cloth by hiring a professional who will maintain a safe and clean work site.
  • Preparation and Clean Up – When most homeowners think about painting, they envision the actual painting. What they neglect to consider are the hours that it can take to prep the surface including cleaning, moving furniture that may be required for the job, and repairing any damage or holes in the surface. From start to finish, we at Jerry Enos Painting, keep our work site clean, organized and work closely with owners to guarantee the most value for your dollar.
  • Customer Service – We treat your property like it is our own. We work closely with a color consultant to help you create a color palette that makes your decorating dreams reality. We pride ourselves on excellent communication and respect for the property and its furnishings from the moment we start to the last coat of paint.

Fun Home Improvement Ideas to Tackle this Winter

To many New Englanders, winter means being trapped indoors while Mother Nature does her worst outdoors. However, for other New Englanders this signals a time to get to work on fun indoor home improvement projects that can give not only your home a much needed “pick-me-up” but also your mood! Here are just a few ideas for fun home improvement ideas to tackle this winter. You will be amazed the difference just a coat of paint or simple redecorating can make.

  • Organize Closets – Closets tend to be a dumping ground for all sorts of things that you don’t know what to do with from presents, decorations, and off-season clothing. Take a day or two over this winter to completely clear out a closet and reorganize the space. Sort items into categories: keep, trash and donate. After you have thinned out the closet content give the interior a fresh coat of paint. (Yes we are partial to paint!) Then, invest in some plastic storage containers to keep your hard work organized all winter.
  • Make a Room Pop with an Accent Color – Painting an entire room may be too much for you to take on without professionals to help you prep the area and move furniture but painting one wall may be doable. Choose a color that coordinates with your decor and other items in the room.  A little color can be quite the mood booster during these long winter months.
  • Install a Small Backsplash – If you have finally settled on a color you love in your kitchen and you want to enhance it with a backsplash, this may be the perfect time to work on it. Backsplashes are fairly straightforward and can really add a nice accent to a kitchen color palette. This is also a fairly budget conscious way to make a huge impact in your kitchen.
  • Touch Ups – If you have kids or grandkids, you know that knicks and dents can happen to molding and painting throughout the house. Winter may be the perfect time to touch up those minor imperfections with the extra paint you have from previous projects. Take each molding room by room and be sure to dust and clean before painting each molding.

Paint Sheen 101


So, you committed to a paint color! You went through a multitude of color swatches and samples, asked the opinions of friends and relatives, and have finally landed on a hue that you love. Congratulations! Well, guess what? Now you need to pick the sheen (or finish) for that beautiful color.

Sheen means the level of glossiness a color appears on your walls ranging from: high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell or flat. The level of sheen indicates how shiny and how durable the paint will be. Therefore, different rooms need different levels of sheen. Here is a quick guide to paint finishes to help you choose the right level for the room you are painting.

High- Gloss –  This sheen has a brilliant and shiny appearance. It’s the highest level of gloss available. It is also known as the most durable and easiest to clean of all the sheens. High-gloss is an excellent choice for areas like kitchens where sticky fingers or dirty hands find a way to leave marks on the walls. High-gloss allows for dirt, grime and grease to be easily wiped away regularly without damaging the paint color.

Semi-Gloss – This paint sheen has a sleek, radiant look that resists mildew, moisture and wear. This is a great choice for bathrooms and trim that takes a lot of abuse. The durability is also high on this finish so it is a good choice for areas that see a lot of traffic.

Satin – This sheen is often described as velvety or “pearl-like” in its appearance as it is deeper in tone but less shiny. It can handle some moisture and is a good choice for well used rooms such as: family rooms, foyers, hallways, or dens.

Eggshell – This sheen falls somewhere in the glossiness factor between satin and flat in that it has much less shine and only a little luster to the appearance. Named for the shell of a typical chicken egg, it is great for finishing areas that don’t bet a lot of bumps and dings. Again, depending upon your preference, this sheen would be a great choice for a living room or bedroom.

Flat – This sheen has the least reflective finish and the lowest luster level. It applies easily to walls and soaks up the light rather than reflect it. This sheen is a good choice for adult bedrooms and areas where the walls do not need regular cleaning.

No matter what sheen you choose, try out your color choice in several finishes before making your final choice. Each sheen will look a bit different in the light and reflective nature of the room. If you need help deciding what sheen will be best for each room ask our paint professionals at Jerry Enos to help.

2017 Color Trends

Choosing a color palette for the interior of your house can give rooms an updated, fresh look. A coat of paint can transform a space from drab to fab. Choosing the best color for the size, architecture and personality of a room, however, is no easy task. That is where the color and design experts come into play. Professionals at Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Martha Stewart and Benjamin Moore have recently announced the 2017 Color Trends. Their predictions are a mix of both bright and bold colors as well as soft and subtle colors. Let’s take a sneak peek at the upcoming trends in paint colors.

  • Soft Hues – If you are nervous about bright and bold colors, these more delicate colors may be just your thing for 2017. Look for paint and home accessories in misty colors, such as pastel lemon, rose quartz, and mineral gray—they’re perfect for brightening small or dark rooms.
  • Color Saturation or Bold Choices – If you are more daring in your color choices, Behr predicts that some bold colors will be big in 2017. These include lively shades such as vibrant jade and spicy red.
  • Moody Neutrals – If neutrals are more your style, these darker and moodier neutrals may be a good pick for your home. Look out for “deep, earth-inspired tones and rich jeweled shades.” Combining earthy green and taupe can create a calming room and still provide a splash of color.  

The right paint color can set the tone for every room in your house. Before you jump on the color-bandwagon, however, make sure you are not just choosing a hue because “experts” say it is the “in” color. Be sure the color fits your style, personality and most especially the room in which it will grace the walls. Ask our professionals to consult with you about your color choice and how it will fit in your home.