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Top Ten Mistakes When Choosing a Paint Color

Choosing a paint color may seem like an easy matter until you actually sit in from of the vast array of paint swatch options, finishes and sheens. Then it may become more of a Herculean effort to choose the “just right” color. While selecting a paint color has a lot to do with the personality and style of the homeowner, it should also take into account other factors that some people tend to forget about. Getting overwhelmed can make any homeowner take a wrong turn on the color wheel.

With that in mind, here are our Top Ten Mistakes When Choosing a Paint Color. . .

  1. Ignoring Natural Light – Each room in your home has a different amount of natural light. Examine what a paint color looks like in the morning, mid-day and evening with differing amounts of light. You may find that the color changes drastically or that there is not enough natural light to accommodate a darker color.
  2. Relying on Paint Chips – Color swatches and paint chips are great but also very tiny. The true color of paint can only really be seen when it is in your room and in a larger quantity.Test out several colors and shades in several locations throughout the room.
  3. Forgetting about the Furnishings and Decor – If you are redecorating a room, many designers actually recommend choosing the furniture and decor prior to choosing the paint. Choosing your main furnishings may make it easier to choose the paint color. You certainly don’t want to be backed into a corner on chairs and sofas based upon your paint selection. Whatever direction you choose, paint and furnishing should compliment each other.
  4. Forgetting about the Feel of the Room – Before choosing a color decide on the “feel” of the room. Are you looking to make a bold statement or want more subtle tones? Don’t fall in love with a shade without deciding what mood you want the room to have first.
  5. Using the Wrong Finish or Sheen – Some homeowners choose the right color for the mood they want and the furnishings but something still feels “off”. This might mean that they chose the wrong sheen.  Be sure to try out your color in opposing finishes such as flat versus glossy so you can see what a difference it makes.
  6. Being Too Matchy-Matchy – While finding coordinating colors is great when designing your room, don’t be overly matchy with your paint color. Use a variety of hues that compliment each other and create visual balance.
  7. Forgetting the Floor and the Ceiling– When choosing a color, keep in mind the flooring and ceiling color. Different shades of wood can make a dramatic effect on the overall look of a room.
  8. Being Too Trendy – Trends, especially in design and paint, can be fun! But keep in mind that trends come and go while your paint color may last for years. Stay true to your style, personality and mood you are trying to set.
  9. Playing it Too Safe – Choosing neutral tones for paint colors may be exactly what you want but if you are choosing them just to be safe you may find yourself bored with the paint color within weeks. Make sure you are choosing the color because it goes with your room, decor and mood.
  10. Being Too Bold – While being too safe may be bad, so is being too bold. Choosing startling colors or mixing colors, textures or patterns may be a great idea at first. Consider if the pattern or boldness is what you can stand for the long haul. If the answer is no then consider toning it down just a shade or two.